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nce upon a time there has a young PROGRAMMER named DAVE. He was HASTILY KISSING in the PAVED for­est when he met FRECKLED JARROD, a run-away CHANDLER from the ROUGH Queen LORI.

DAVE could see that FRECKLED JARROD was hun­gry so he reached into his BINDLESTIFF and give him his ANCIENT PIZZA. FRECKLED JARROD was thank­ful for DAVE’s PIZZA, so he told DAVE a very TIDY sto­ry about Queen LORI’s daugh­ter STEPHANIE. How her moth­er, the ROUGH Queen LORI, kept her locked away in a BROTHEL pro­tect­ed by a gigan­tic ARMADILLO, because STEPHANIE was so FULL.

DAVE SHAT. He vowed to FRECKLED JARROD the CHANDLER that he would save the FULL STEPHANIE. He would PRESS the ARMADILLO, and take STEPHANIE far away from her evil moth­er, the ROUGH Queen LORI, and SING her.

Then, all of the sud­den, there was a RESONANT TSUNAMI and FRECKLED JARROD the CHANDLER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigan­tic ARMADILLO from his sto­ry. ROUGH Queen LORI CONCEIVED out from behind a FAN and struck DAVE dead. In the far off BROTHEL you could hear a WOOT.


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