PsiCorp/Insanity/Another School SNAFU

I just got an email from Psi­Corp. I would have thought they would­n’t need such a clum­sy inter­face to com­mu­ni­cate any­thing to me.

I am cer­ti­fi­ably insane. I’m apply­ing for an intern­ship job. No, really.

And final­ly, SPSU’s finan­cial aid depart­ment seems to be unable to not screw up some­thing in my life for more than a few weeks at a time. I got a let­ter in the mail today from the com­pa­ny that han­dles my stu­dent loans, telling me that my 6‑month repay­ment grace peri­od had begun. Why? Because SPSU told them on 1/27/04 that I had­n’t been enrolled at least half-time since 12/13/03. Of course,
1) I am tak­ing 7 hours. 12 hours is a full load. In my world, 7 is more than half of 12.
2) Due to my doc­u­ment­ed dis­abil­i­ty, 6 hours is con­sid­ered a full load for me.


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