Between Naps

I gave in to my body and stayed in bed all day yesterday. It helped. If I’m not trying to do anything else, I can take my breakthrough pain meds and muscle relaxants. They make me too floppy to walk around safely or use dangerous tools like butter knives.

I’m doing pretty much the same today but wanted to post an update. Not that there’s really anything much to talk about, other than napping.

I have continued to read when I’m awake, thanks to Sam’s willingness to go to the library to support my habit. I finished the first four books in Eileen Wilks’ World of the Lupi series. I think book 4, Night Season, was better than the first three. The focus switched from one couple to another in this book, and both of those people were definitely growing and changing—always a plus in my mind.

I did finish Caitlin Kittredge’s Pure Blood, but it was a close thing. The main character is a whiny, immature brat who blames everything on the fact that she’s a werewolf. The other weres in her world don’t seem to have such poor control over themselves so that just doesn’t wash. She’s also stupid, constantly running off into dangerous situations without letting anyone—like, say, her fellow police officers—know so they can back her up.

I finally got my hands on Hands of Flame by C.E. Murphy, the last book of her Negotiator trilogy. It was wonderful! All the important threads from the series were tied up, including some that I’d thought merely background. There are five Old Races living silently among humans in Murphy’s universe, and I love the way she avoids most of the clichés about them. I would like to have seen a few more shades of gray in the portrayal of one race, in particular, but all in all, she did a very nice job. It’s easy to imagine many, many more stories in this universe, focusing on new characters.

I haven’t decided what to read next. Sam was so enthusiastic about Halting State by Charles Stross that I might switch over to science fiction for a bit. It really depends on how well I’m able to comprehend it—Stross’ writing is really good but more challenging to the reader than any of the urban fantasy/paranormal whatsis books I’ve been dawdling over.

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