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Last night I was leafing through Real Simple magazine, waiting for Sam to come to bed. I notice ads in this magazine—why? Probably because there are so damned many of them. And some are the stinky kind, which can be problematic. I’ve just realized how much I’ve liked not reading mainstream magazines for the most part in the last few years, simply because I don’t get exposed to perfume samples.

But anyway, the ad for Focus Night ‘n Day contact lenses reminded me that I really only liked wearing contact lenses when I had the extended wear kind. That way I didn’t have to mess with the whole cleaning thing every day. Less handling meant fewer opportunities to tear or lose one, too. I just put in eyedrops each morning, and voilá! I could see. I hate messing with the daily cleaning. And when the extended wear lenses were taken off the market, it was really the beginning of the end for me wearing contacts at all.

They’re back, though, and I’m interested. This particular brand doesn’t seem to come in the toric lenses I need for actual decent vision, though. Yet. I’m thinking more and more about getting contacts again soon, though.

There was also a brief article about a bush, the red twig dogwood. I’m thinking about bushes? How the heck did that happen? But I like the fact that it has pretty flowers in the spring and shows off its bright red twigs in the winter. Looking for a picture to show you lead me to learn about the Nishiki Willow.

I’m thinking about planting things in yards. I must be middle-aged now.

Wholly unrelated link: Self Defense for Voters

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