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The girl is on a migraine preventive now, instead of just taking meds when she gets a migraine or when she’s having an allergy shot (which always triggers a migraine). That’s a darned good thing, since the only rescue med that works for her is Amerge, and the insurance company won’t pay for more than 9 pills a month. She’s been taking it almost daily, poor baby.

She’s feeling better, happily.

My dad suggested asking the doctor to check her carbon monoxide levels, as he sees a lot of low-level CO reactions at this time of year. People have turned on their furnaces and have their houses closed up tight.

Unfortunately, that would require an arterial draw, and I’m not going to subject the girl to that if it’s avoidable at all. The doctor said to get a CO monitor/alarm and put it in her room, then get the system fixed if there’s a problem.

Thanks VERY much for all the well wishes y’all sent.

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