Grade On That Paper!

I got a 14 out of 15 pos­si­ble points. That one point was tak­en off for “occa­sion­al laps­es in APA style.” I knew I should have got­ten a style guide. The prof said, “The writ­ing style is clear, at an appro­pri­ate lev­el, & sounds cred­i­ble.” Sounds cred­i­ble? He did­n’t check?  Oh, well—I’m hap­py with the grade! Cur­rent Mood: […]

We’re Home

The girl is on a migraine pre­ven­tive now, instead of just tak­ing meds when she gets a migraine or when she’s hav­ing an aller­gy shot (which always trig­gers a migraine). That’s a darned good thing, since the only res­cue med that works for her is Amerge, and the insur­ance com­pa­ny won’t pay for more than […]

Sick Baby

shad­owkatt could use some love. She’s in bed with yet anoth­er migraine. She’s missed all but one night of dance class­es this week, all of them last week, and mar­tial arts last Sat­ur­day. Much of that time was spent hud­dled in my and sam­bear’s bed­room, as we can make it dark­er than any oth­er room […]

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