Off to Use Up More Gas!

The girl woke up with a migraine. She has oral surgery today, so she might as well get all the feeling like crap over with in one day, right?

Okay—I’d rather she didn’t have more ickiness on top of what’s planned, honestly. But I’m trying not to get all freaky. I always do when my baby is going to be hurting.

In happier news, did I mention that we have a lovely van now? With a GPS navigation system, that leads me home no matter how wifty I might be?

Catch y’all later!

Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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