Okay, I know, I’m post­ing too much. But I’m won­der­ing about hav­ing a week­end-long stitch-n-bitch here at our place some­time. I know that waya and hopeev­ey stitch. I think devichan does (will ask when she comes back). otter­gr­rl, do you stitch? elf­girl is even local! ga_sunshine, did you ever get any fur­ther with your project?

I know there are oth­ers. I fig­ure wyvern­friend and word­weaver­lynn might find Geor­gia a bit too far away, but you’re invit­ed too!

Yes, knit­ters and cro­cheters would be every bit as wel­come as cross-stitchers—although I might bug you in yet anoth­er attempt to learn to do one or both of those. In fact, I think we’d have to plan a trip to Nease’s Needle­work on Sat­ur­day morn­ing, and they have sup­plies for all of the above.

Sam has promised food, pam­per­ing to the very best of his abil­i­ty (and that’s some­thing!), and even gam­ing if we like 🙂

I’d pre­fer to make such a week­end most­ly kid-free, although lit­tle babies would need to be wel­come by neces­si­ty for nursing.

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