Poll Answers Four

12) Why do you want to live with your loves?
There are many reasons. We’d be able to spend more time together cuddling and playing and talking (and probably arguing, considering all four personalities). We’d spend less time and money traveling back and forth between each other’s houses, and be more comfortable during our time together in a house chosen to accommodate all of us. We’d be able to help each other more in a concrete sense with everything from child care and housework to homeschooling and revising résumés and learning to play the guitar. There were be some economies of scale in combining the two households and reducing the resources allocated to long-distance communications and gas and such. Hopefully, there would be fewer miscommunications due to relying on telephone and online interactions as much as we do right now, too.

13) You said you were in a polyfidelitous relationship because that’s what (they) wanted. Do you resent that?
The only thing I really resent is that sambear and another person who is very dear to both of us were on the verge of moving their relationship from friendship to something more, and I’d like to see them able to explore that now if they both chose to do so. Other than that—no. It isn’t any different from us closing our relationship as a couple for the first few years so that we could build a solid foundation for the future.

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