A Party and a Performance!

If any of you empaths were suddenly hit with a sense of panic a few minutes ago, that was just me realizing that we’re OUT OF GRITS! I’m having ham biscuits for breakfast instead. Yes, I do know what time it is. The first meal I eat each day is breakfast.

And in the news—yes! The Georgia Supreme Court has overturned the stupid fornication law!

I realized this morning that I haven’t really posted anything since last Monday about what’s actually been going on around here.

Actually, I’m having trouble remembering much of note during the week last week. I think just about all of us saw our therapists last week. And there was some anxiety because the seamstress sewing my Trybalaka costume wasn’t returning our calls at all. Oh! isarma and jupitercornwall did come over here last Monday night, which was nice.

faebouche came to see us on Friday night! That was fun. I haven’t really spoken with her that much online, although sambear has known her for a couple of years in the virtual world. She’s a sweetheart. Her first priority was to meet the cats, so you know she’s good people! She played Once Upon a Time with the kids after dinner, too. I think they went on to play Chrononauts after she came back to chat with us.

goddessinga and greyknight arrived with Little Miss and Son, and we enjoyed some marvelous time with our sweeties, too. On Saturday they packed up their kids and our girls to head up for Athens and the gymnastic meets, and faebouche went in search of Nease’s Needlework before heading for home. sambear and I went up to Jefferson to pick up my costume for the Trybalaka party that night.

The seamstress left the costume in a bag on the porch, and she wasn’t home for us to bother talking to her about the fact that she didn’t do anything very well. The bodice was WAY too big, the blouse was done in the wrong fabric, the skirt was, well, a little weird, etc. sambear put the grommets in the bodice and we adjusted things as well as we could and struck out for the party, running very late and missing the pre-party warm-up at isarma‘s house.

We did make it to the actual party before the other band members—apparently, we weren’t the only ones running late! I saw several people who I just don’t get to see often enough, and met a few who I’ve encountered online but didn’t know offline before. Lots of very nice hugs were exchanged—never a bad thing.

The performance went relatively well—we were a little bit rough but the crowd was very nice and I think we all enjoyed it.

The party was—interesting. Fun, but different for me 🙂 I found that I was largely visiting with the other band members anyway, and we ended up leaving around midnight to go back to isarma‘s house to hang out anyway. jupitercornwall had to leave earlier, as the littlun was grumpy, so that let us see more of him. We finally got to meet one member’s girlfriend who we’ve only heard about before, too, which was nice—she’s a sweetie.

We got home WAY too late for old people and were both very draggy on Sunday. Sunday night we had a Trybalaka business meeting and auditions and our 90-day reviews—we’re full members now! Yay! And jupitercornwall is a member of the group again, which is goodness.

We came home to find greyknight and goddessinga cuddling on our couch with most of the kids asleep, and got more cuddles. So overall, I have to say it was a marvelous weekend 🙂

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