Why yes, I am still capable of doing more than posting about what’s being said elsewhere. Really. I promise.

It’s been a week. Actually, most of it has been reasonably good—there were two whole days in which I didn’t have to leave the house, mostly! (Just pick up my bear in the evening—well worth going out.)

The happiness about not having to go anywhere isn’t just the introversion speaking. Driving is more and more difficult. I spend most of Wednesday in the car, due to orthodontic appointments and jazz dance, and so on. Despite getting out and stretching as much as possible, I had dreadful charley horses by the end of the day—and they’re still with me. (No, I don’t have a potassium shortage in my diet.) I finally realized that the occasional bursitis in my right arm is related to driving—and by the end of that day, it was happening in my left arm, too. I’ve just about given up on driving ToD, period. The stick shift is just too physically demanding for anything beyond moving it around in the driveway. I’m not a safe driver in the truck 🙁

We have mayremi here for a few days, which is always nice. She and shadokwatt have been exploring the area. They walked down to “the river” and tried to catch frogs. I’m not sure if it’s really a river, but if it isn’t it’s a damned big creek. I’ll ask the neighbors about it next time I see them outside.

The girls were tickled to spot a snake under the shed. They said it’s about 5 or 6 feet long. It’s probably a king or corn snake, but I’m not absolutely sure (hard to get a good look). They’re smart enough to just keep their distance. Snakes eat bugs and rats, so as long as they’re not poisonous and not in the house, I’m happy to have them around. shadowkatt says she has some pictures, which may get posted later.

Last night, the girls were a HUGE help to me. They shifted various pieces of small to medium furniture around, helping the living areas continue to progress towards more livability and less of a warehouse feel.

curiousmay9 and I managed to get the kitchen all nice and clean (mostly her efforts, to be honest), after which sambear made an incredibly yummy dinner for us.

The bear had to miss work yesterday morning, as I had an appointment that couldn’t be missed, but which I wasn’t capable of driving to. He’s so good to me. I worry about him losing his job because of it, though.

The office we had to go to is absolutely soul-deadening. It sucks every bit of energy right out of you. The bear wisely chose to wait outside as much as possible.

I cannot begin to conceive of what it must be like to work there. The therapist asked me why I won’t go to group therapy sessions, and I said, “The biggest reason is that they’re in this building.” She didn’t seem surprised in the least.

I went back to bed after getting home, but couldn’t really get to sleep well. I’m just not good at napping. I slept ’til noon today, having been caught in a weird hypnagogic state for (what seemed like) several hours.

I’ve only been exposed to The Sopranos by walking through the room occasionally while Sam watched a few episodes on DVD. That was at least two years ago. So why was I dreaming that I had to live in their house for some reason and that I was completely terrified of being killed as part of a hit gone wrong, or a government raid?

I was thinking about trying to actually arrange things in the kitchen, as everything is currently stuffed into whatever cabinet had space for anything. Unfortunately, curiousmay9 hasn’t even begun to pack up the contents of her kitchen yet. I probably shouldn’t try to do that ’til the other stuff arrives. I just can’t imagine where we’ll put it!

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