Why yes, I am still capa­ble of doing more than post­ing about what’s being said else­where. Real­ly. I promise.

It’s been a week. Actu­al­ly, most of it has been rea­son­ably good—there were two whole days in which I did­n’t have to leave the house, most­ly! (Just pick up my bear in the evening—well worth going out.)

The hap­pi­ness about not hav­ing to go any­where isn’t just the intro­ver­sion speak­ing. Dri­ving is more and more dif­fi­cult. I spend most of Wednes­day in the car, due to ortho­don­tic appoint­ments and jazz dance, and so on. Despite get­ting out and stretch­ing as much as pos­si­ble, I had dread­ful charley hors­es by the end of the day—and they’re still with me. (No, I don’t have a potas­si­um short­age in my diet.) I final­ly real­ized that the occa­sion­al bur­si­tis in my right arm is relat­ed to driving—and by the end of that day, it was hap­pen­ing in my left arm, too. I’ve just about giv­en up on dri­ving ToD, peri­od. The stick shift is just too phys­i­cal­ly demand­ing for any­thing beyond mov­ing it around in the dri­ve­way. I’m not a safe dri­ver in the truck 🙁

We have mayre­mi here for a few days, which is always nice. She and shadok­watt have been explor­ing the area. They walked down to “the riv­er” and tried to catch frogs. I’m not sure if it’s real­ly a riv­er, but if it isn’t it’s a damned big creek. I’ll ask the neigh­bors about it next time I see them outside.

The girls were tick­led to spot a snake under the shed. They said it’s about 5 or 6 feet long. It’s prob­a­bly a king or corn snake, but I’m not absolute­ly sure (hard to get a good look). They’re smart enough to just keep their dis­tance. Snakes eat bugs and rats, so as long as they’re not poi­so­nous and not in the house, I’m hap­py to have them around. shad­owkatt says she has some pic­tures, which may get post­ed later.

Last night, the girls were a HUGE help to me. They shift­ed var­i­ous pieces of small to medi­um fur­ni­ture around, help­ing the liv­ing areas con­tin­ue to progress towards more liv­abil­i­ty and less of a ware­house feel. 

curiousmay9 and I man­aged to get the kitchen all nice and clean (most­ly her efforts, to be hon­est), after which sam­bear made an incred­i­bly yum­my din­ner for us.

The bear had to miss work yes­ter­day morn­ing, as I had an appoint­ment that could­n’t be missed, but which I was­n’t capa­ble of dri­ving to. He’s so good to me. I wor­ry about him los­ing his job because of it, though.

The office we had to go to is absolute­ly soul-dead­en­ing. It sucks every bit of ener­gy right out of you. The bear wise­ly chose to wait out­side as much as possible.

I can­not begin to con­ceive of what it must be like to work there. The ther­a­pist asked me why I won’t go to group ther­a­py ses­sions, and I said, “The biggest rea­son is that they’re in this build­ing.” She did­n’t seem sur­prised in the least.

I went back to bed after get­ting home, but could­n’t real­ly get to sleep well. I’m just not good at nap­ping. I slept ’til noon today, hav­ing been caught in a weird hyp­n­a­gog­ic state for (what seemed like) sev­er­al hours.

I’ve only been exposed to The Sopra­nos by walk­ing through the room occa­sion­al­ly while Sam watched a few episodes on DVD. That was at least two years ago. So why was I dream­ing that I had to live in their house for some rea­son and that I was com­plete­ly ter­ri­fied of being killed as part of a hit gone wrong, or a gov­ern­ment raid?

I was think­ing about try­ing to actu­al­ly arrange things in the kitchen, as every­thing is cur­rent­ly stuffed into what­ev­er cab­i­net had space for any­thing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, curiousmay9 has­n’t even begun to pack up the con­tents of her kitchen yet. I prob­a­bly should­n’t try to do that ’til the oth­er stuff arrives. I just can’t imag­ine where we’ll put it!

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