Podcast coming, serendipity

I do apol­o­gize, but my recov­ery has been slow­er than I expect­ed and I’ve had anoth­er trip to the emer­gency room. This one was due to not tak­ing good enough care of myself, as I got dehy­drat­ed and my blood pres­sure got way too low as a result. The pod­cast has been record­ed, though, and will be up as soon as the edit­ing is finished!

I looked out the kitchen win­dow this morn­ing to find my day bright­ened by a gift from nature. There are beau­ti­ful tiger lilies bloom­ing aroud the back stoop! We cer­tain­ly did­n’t plant them, so they were a total suprise. I adore flow­ers, and felt like the uni­verse had sent me my very own bouquet.