Be a foun­tain, not a drain.
–Rex Hudler

My sam­bear exem­pli­fies this state­ment so well. He is a foun­tain of love and care.

I’m in a jew­el­ry-mak­ing mood. I don’t need to make yet anoth­er mess—and I can’t find my bead boards or crimp­ing pli­ers. The beads I need to restring for a neck­lace that broke are well-hid­den. I think the girls might have used all the strong, stretchy thread I want­ed to use. Not a prob­lem, as I told them to use what­ev­er they liked, and I cer­tain­ly meant it! It does mean a shop­ping trip, and that is DANGEROUS. (In addi­tion to being inad­vis­able, con­sid­er­ing the state of my ankle.)

I’m feel­ing very use­less and non-pro­duc­tive, which caus­es my self-esteem to plum­met and invites the depres­sion demons to roam freely in my life. I think I might ask sam­bear to sit with me while I file or do some­thing sim­i­lar­ly industrious. 

The mar­velous folks who paint­ed yes­ter­day got every­thing but clos­ets and trim done! Yay! I’m won­der­ing about fin­ish­ing those dur­ing the week. Well, except for the lit­tle ankle prob­lem. Grrr.

Wiring still needs to be done, as well as chang­ing out some light­ing fix­tures and oth­er minor repairs/replacements, some clean­ing, and build­ing the loft bed (I do hope the fas­ten­er kit arrives in time). I’m still look­ing for a clean­ing ser­vice to come out on a reg­u­lar basis—several I’ve called don’t go out that far.

And of course, there’s always the packing!

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