I was writing an entry earlier. I had to restart the PC because of Comcast being silly, and now I can’t find the file OR remember what was in it. Obviously, it was terribly important stuff.

I’ve finished three loads of laundry and will stick another two in the washer and dryer before leaving here shortly. Yay for catching up on the laundry! It just builds up quickly. There’s room on top of these nice, new, big machines to fold the laundry, which makes it easier to put it away immediately. The hanging rod in there is way out of my reach, though! Perhaps I can talk curiousmay9 into lowering it.

The bleach leaked in transit. Fortunately, I’d packed it on top of laundry that gets bleached anyway.

We have ALL the cable TV channels now. I find that somewhat overwhelming.

The cats are meeting each other on occasion now. Shelley just does not approve. She would be perfectly happy to stay here in the suite, as long as shadowkatt visits A LOT. Alternatively, she would permit us to build a catwalk from our room to the girl’s room. Of course, that would have to be inaccessible to THOSE THINGS (the other three cats).

She can’t understand why Cagey Kitty doesn’t back off at a warning hiss. Cagey Kitty is completely deaf, so unless she sees the accompanying body language, she hasn’t BEEN warned.

I got to eat hot oatmeal out of a real bowl for breakfast. Yay!

I also called to make our next appointment with Gourmaids. That is SUCH a marvelous luxury.

We need a new insurance agent, as both ours and curiousmay9‘s have displeased us greatly. Anybody got a marvelous one to recommend here in the Atlanta area?

One more trip. Just one more.

I want to unpack and get everything Just So. I want fresh flowers sitting on a vase on a table covered by a fresh tablecloth. I want the stereo system hooked up so that we can hear music everywhere. I want all my craft stuff at my fingertips.

All of that WILL happen before the end of the weekend!

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