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After Pack­ing M&M’s Togeth­er, Sci­en­tists Like What They See
Okay, I did­n’t see why the fact that M&Ms pack more tight­ly than gum­balls would be sig­nif­i­cant, at first. But appar­ent­ly, this fact is impor­tant to sci­en­tists who want to under­stand glass:

Is Your Fridge Mak­ing You Sick?
Bor­ing (to most peo­ple) arti­cle saved for future ref­er­ence when I re-do the clean­ing instructions

Sen­ate Pass­es Divorce Bill
This one is just STUPID. Why make it hard­er to get divorced? Make it hard­er to get mar­ried in the first place! Require some kind of train­ing in com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, some­thing designed to get peo­ple to go through the hard ques­tions to find out how com­pat­i­ble they real­ly are oth­er than sex­u­al­ly, par­ent­ing train­ing like STEP (Sys­tem­at­ic Train­ing for Effec­tive Par­ent­ing), etc. before issu­ing a mar­riage license. If the state can man­date blood tests, it can cer­tain­ly man­date train­ing and counseling!

Yes, I’d pre­fer that the gov­ern­ment get out of the busi­ness of decid­ing who can and can’t mar­ry and divorce alto­geth­er, but if they’re going to be in it, I want them to show some sense. Peo­ple who have got­ten to the point where they are fil­ing for divorce are not like­ly to work things out. The best divorce is the one that hap­pens before the wedding.

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