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After Packing M&M’s Together, Scientists Like What They See
Okay, I didn’t see why the fact that M&Ms pack more tightly than gumballs would be significant, at first. But apparently, this fact is important to scientists who want to understand glass:

Is Your Fridge Making You Sick?
Boring (to most people) article saved for future reference when I re-do the cleaning instructions

Senate Passes Divorce Bill
This one is just STUPID. Why make it harder to get divorced? Make it harder to get married in the first place! Require some kind of training in communication skills, something designed to get people to go through the hard questions to find out how compatible they really are other than sexually, parenting training like STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), etc. before issuing a marriage license. If the state can mandate blood tests, it can certainly mandate training and counseling!

Yes, I’d prefer that the government get out of the business of deciding who can and can’t marry and divorce altogether, but if they’re going to be in it, I want them to show some sense. People who have gotten to the point where they are filing for divorce are not likely to work things out. The best divorce is the one that happens before the wedding.

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