The glory of pain management

I’ve been almost afraid to talk about it, but last week my pain man­age­ment doc­tor pre­scribed break­through pain med­ica­tion for the first time. I’ve been leery of tak­ing it too often, so I’m tak­ing it once every few days instead of once a day as directed.

Mir­a­cle of mir­a­cles, though: all the pain except for the neu­ropa­thy goes away.

And I’m func­tion­al. Well, I’m rather loopy right after tak­ing the med­ica­tion, but for the next day or two, I’m far more phys­i­cal­ly func­tion­al than I have been in a very long time. 

I can­not stress this enough: if you have chron­ic pain, see a pain man­age­ment spe­cial­ist. There are no oth­er doc­tors who are as qual­i­fied to treat pain.

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8 thoughts on “The glory of pain management

  1. Hi, Cyn! Just noticed you’re a home­school mom. I’m a home­school grad! My dad (an internist) start­ed me on Remeron back on the 9th, so right now that’s pre­cise­ly where my weird and vivid dreams are com­ing from. Before I start­ed that vivid dreams only hap­pened 1–2 times a year. Right now I’m con­vinced Remeron is a mir­a­cle drug, lol. I feel sooooooooo much bet­ter. The dreams are start­ing to slack off too. Had one last night for the first time in near­ly two weeks.

  2. Yay for mir­a­cle drugs! I’m glad the dreams are explic­a­ble and back­ing off now 🙂

    My girl has decid­ed to go to high school this year. Prob­a­bly. I’m hav­ing sep­a­ra­tion anxiety!

  3. I have fibromyal­gia and am inter­est­ed in know­ing which med you are tak­ing now that is help­ing your pain?

    Thank you, in advance for your response..


  4. I’m tak­ing MS Con­tin, Zanaflex, and Ultra­cet on a reg­u­lar basis, with an added instant-release mor­phine for break­through pain. I have Lido­caine patch­es, but haven’t been ter­ri­bly impressed with them. The — well, what was the name of it? I can’t remem­ber it, but I promise I’ll look it up. It’s sor­ta like TENS but goes fur­ther and uses dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies. Any­way, that lit­tle machine did mar­velous machines, but the insur­er refused to cov­er it.

    Of course, I take a lot of oth­er meds, but those are sole­ly for pain relief 🙂

  5. I was excit­ed just to find a blog by some­one else with fibro (excit­ed in that not alone way not because you have it too. lol) but then to read that you have neu­ropa­thy as well AND home­school… I feel like I’ve found my twin. What a sucky thing to feel con­nect­ed to a per­son for isn’t it?

    Any­way- I just want­ed to thank you for hav­ing this blog/website and it is great­ly appreciated.

  6. Hi Jo! I total­ly under­stand the “hey, I’m not alone!” feel­ing. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I tried to view your blog, but Blogspot is down at the moment. I’ll book­mark it, though!

  7. Some peo­ple told me about nor­vasc used as pain relief in fibromyal­gia. I know I should trust my physi­cian’s advices but I’m curi­ous if some­one tried it.

  8. Safro, if your physi­cian so much as men­tioned Nor­vasc as a pain reliev­er for fibromyal­gia, you need to check his cre­den­tials for valid­i­ty. Nor­vasc is a cal­ci­um chan­nel block­er used for treat­ment of high blood pres­sure and angina.

    It seems that angi­na can be quite painful, so if you suf­fer from that, per­haps you con­fused your doc­tor’s rec­om­men­da­tion for treat­ing that with his rec­om­men­da­tions regard­ing fibromyalgia?

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