Pain Meds!

Happily, the GP visit was much more productive than the rheumatologist visit yesterday. I have pain meds and muscle relaxants. I feel much better, but I’m so woozy that I’m fairly useless. The nurse warned me not to take the new meds with my sleepytime meds, and not to drive while using them. Why not with sleepytime meds? Because while these drugs make the user very woozy, they also cause insomnia. That makes no sense to me. Perhaps it would if I weren’t so woozy, but I doubt it.

The doc sent off many vials of blood for various tests. She wants me to go back to monitoring my basal body temperature every day and bring the records to her when I see her next week.

She also gave me a prescription for Allegra-D. I mentioned that it isn’t available as a generic, and might be too expensive for me to fill. I got home, checked with the pharmacy, and yep—it costs five times as much as Extendryl SR, the one I used to take! (And honestly, Allegra just doesn’t work as well for me anyway.) So I’m going to call back tomorrow and see if I can get her to call in a prescription for the Extendryl. I’m not sure why she prescribed Allegra instead, but she’s probably just familiar with that one. She had samples, so I know their drug reps visit her. Extendryl is cheap because it’s way past its first seven years of availability.

I didn’t make it to class, but I feel much much better. Perhaps after a few days of this, the pain flare will be over. I’m hoping so, anyway. I may need to rearrange this weekend so as to expect any actual competence from myself.

sambear only worked for a few hours, but he did go in to the office. He’s on his way home now, but will have to turn around immediately to take shadowkatt to her martial arts classes.

And he got me fresh flowers again yesterday!

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