Window Treatments

I’m pondering two things about the Castle.

First, the fireplace and several interior walls are granite. Not a facade, but truly granite. They show some yellowish discoloration that we think may be due to cigarette smoke. Whatever caused it, I want to clean it. Any ideas? I’ve never had any reason to clean rocks on a wall before. They’re over slate and wood floors, and I want to be careful not to damage the flooring or the adjacent walls.

Second, the backside of the entryway is all glass. It’s lovely and gives a nice view of the backyard, but it’s awkward in terms of window treatments. Blinds, curtains, and shades would all be a bit weird there. I know that there is a kind of window film that can be applied so that light comes in, and people inside can see out easily, but people outside cannot see in. I can’t seem to find that sort of film, though. I found some that are fake stained glass or otherwise have pictures on them, but we want to keep the view. I found some insulating window films on Home Depot’s website, but they look like they block the view if they provide any privacy at all.

I looked at Lowe’s site too. They mention mirrored privacy films but don’t seem to actually sell them through their website.

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