Window Treatments

I’m pon­der­ing two things about the Castle.

First, the fire­place and sev­er­al inte­ri­or walls are gran­ite. Not a facade, but tru­ly gran­ite. They show some yel­low­ish dis­col­oration that we think may be due to cig­a­rette smoke. What­ev­er caused it, I want to clean it. Any ideas? I’ve nev­er had any rea­son to clean rocks on a wall before. They’re over slate and wood floors, and I want to be care­ful not to dam­age the floor­ing or the adja­cent walls.

Sec­ond, the back­side of the entry­way is all glass. It’s love­ly and gives a nice view of the back­yard, but it’s awk­ward in terms of win­dow treat­ments. Blinds, cur­tains, and shades would all be a bit weird there. I know that there is a kind of win­dow film that can be applied so that light comes in, and peo­ple inside can see out eas­i­ly, but peo­ple out­side can­not see in. I can’t seem to find that sort of film, though. I found some that are fake stained glass or oth­er­wise have pic­tures on them, but we want to keep the view. I found some insu­lat­ing win­dow films on Home Depot’s web­site, but they look like they block the view if they pro­vide any pri­va­cy at all.

I looked at Lowe’s site too. They men­tion mir­rored pri­va­cy films but don’t seem to actu­al­ly sell them through their website.

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