Stitching, Gaming and Everything Else

There are times when hav­ing so many inter­ests is, well, of ques­tion­able val­ue. (Not that I’m about to give any of them up.) When I’m stitch­ing I feel guilty because I haven’t done a pod­cast in a while. Sam is hav­ing a fit with some sort of weird noise just appear­ing in the record­ings, though, and […]

Aspie quiz

I think word­weaver­lynn post­ed her results to this. Some­one on my f‑list did, in any case. Your Aspie score: 129 of 200 Your neu­rotyp­i­cal (non-autis­tic) score: 74 of 200 You are very like­ly an Aspie What’s yours? I’m quite sur­prised at the results and have to won­der how much they’ve changed due to ill­ness and the iso­la­tion due to […]

Separation Anxiety

And I don’t even know for sure if there’ll be a sep­a­ra­tion! Katie may go to high school this year. We’ll know for sure very soon. I’ve done a tran­script for her, all offi­cial and every­thing. Just the thought makes me jeal­ous of the time I have with her now, though. I’ve enjoyed these years […]

SBQ: Embroidery scissors

This week’s Stitch­ing Blog­gers Ques­tion is Many of us have a few pairs of embroi­dery scis­sors and some even have a “col­lec­tion”. How many pairs of scis­sors do you have? Feel free to share a pho­to of your favorite pair or pairs with us! I just have the one pair, but that pair is sacred! No […]

Is walking next?

Device writes on water Researchers at Akishi­ma Lab­o­ra­to­ries (Mit­sui Zosen), work­ing in con­junc­tion with pro­fes­sor Shigeru Naito of Osa­ka Uni­ver­si­ty, have devel­oped a device that uses waves to draw text and pic­tures on the sur­face of the water. The device con­sists of 50 water wave gen­er­a­tors encir­cling a cylin­dri­cal tank 1.6 meters in diam­e­ter and 30 […]

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