Does the Weather Affect How You Feel?

Check the Aches and Pains Weather Index from The Weather Channel.

Thanks to Holly Reynolds and Claudia Wendlandt of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Organization of Georgia for the tip!

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2 thoughts on “Does the Weather Affect How You Feel?

  1. (sorry if this gets posted twice)

    For the UK the URL is this:
    You can get to the Europe map there too. However, I don’t find these to be as useful/accurate as the US maps. They seem to be calculated differently. For instance it can go from sunny to thunderstorming and still be listed at level 3. Bah!

    If you are affected by the weather it is generally barometric pressure and/or humidity so if you find that the Weather Channel’s calculations don’t seem to apply to you, you can keep an eye on those factors independently. It can be useful to keep track of weather (both as you observe it and the pain index from these websites) in a pain or health journal to see if you can pinpoint exactly what affects you most.


  2. Thanks for the link! I’ll add that to the Online Resources page.

    I’ve wanted one of those home weather stations for a while. Between homeschooling and fibro, maybe I can justify one 😉

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