Does the Weather Affect How You Feel?

Check the Aches and Pains Weath­er Index from The Weath­er Chan­nel.

Thanks to Hol­ly Reynolds and Clau­dia Wend­landt of Chron­ic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Orga­ni­za­tion of Geor­gia for the tip!

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2 thoughts on “Does the Weather Affect How You Feel?

  1. (sor­ry if this gets post­ed twice)

    For the UK the URL is this:
    You can get to the Europe map there too. How­ev­er, I don’t find these to be as useful/accurate as the US maps. They seem to be cal­cu­lat­ed dif­fer­ent­ly. For instance it can go from sun­ny to thun­der­storm­ing and still be list­ed at lev­el 3. Bah!

    If you are affect­ed by the weath­er it is gen­er­al­ly baro­met­ric pres­sure and/or humid­i­ty so if you find that the Weath­er Chan­nel’s cal­cu­la­tions don’t seem to apply to you, you can keep an eye on those fac­tors inde­pen­dent­ly. It can be use­ful to keep track of weath­er (both as you observe it and the pain index from these web­sites) in a pain or health jour­nal to see if you can pin­point exact­ly what affects you most.


  2. Thanks for the link! I’ll add that to the Online Resources page.

    I’ve want­ed one of those home weath­er sta­tions for a while. Between home­school­ing and fibro, maybe I can jus­ti­fy one 😉

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