I can think of better ways to spend a Friday night

But at least I had good company. For part of it.

Yeah, another trip to the ER. I have GOT to stop doing this.

When I went to the doc for my weekly blood tests on Tuesday, the nurse was concerned about orthostatic hypotension. That’s when you get dizzy on standing up because your blood pressure doesn’t adjust quickly enough to the change. Oh, and my med levels were “non-therapeutic” too.

So I was shanghaied into another set of tests on Friday, with a doctor’s visit thrown in for good measure.

The doctor kept me waiting for a lovely two hours in the waiting room, then declared my blood pressure dangerously low and sent me to the ER to wait longer for IV fluids, because I was dehydrated.

I really think I was dehydrated because I was kept waiting in a doctor’s office all bloody afternoon, where I couldn’t stick to my normal practice of having my jug of ice-cold water at hand all the time. That’s the only way I can STAY hydrated, dammit. And while I used to carry a water bottle around all the time, travel with the wheelchair involves stripping myself down to the bare essentials. So far, that has not included a water bottle.

Anyway, my BP was 70/something when lying down, and it dropped when I stood up. I guess that explains the dizziness.

The ER doc had some nerve, though, to preach at me about eating and drinking regularly after keeping me in the ER for 6 hours with no access to food or drink. I tried to point out the irony of her statement, but her funny bone was broken.

My hero came, picked up Katie so she wouldn’t have to experience the ER, took her home, changed clothes, canceled some plans he had for the evening, then came back to keep me company. He even came back via MARTA, so I wouldn’t have to drive the van home. Wow. Just in case I haven’t said so lately, or loudly enough, sambear is a marvelous man, and I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

shadowkatt is awfully special, too, as she didn’t want to leave Mommy to the vagaries of the nurses, and was really great in keeping me company throughout a day of appointments all over town earlier in the day. She’s spent too much time in hospitals already, though, so I wanted her to go home and get some time to herself and have some fun.

I’m really looking forward to having Sam home again after work today and gaming with mique_mique for the first time in WEEKS (she’s been traveling). I can’t clean the house properly, which really bugs me, but I’ll deal with it.

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