Episode 3

Episode 3

This time we dis­cussed deal­ing with hos­pi­tal­iza­tions, con­tin­ued our series on del­e­ga­tion, and wrapped up by con­sid­er­ing how we can add more beau­ty to our lives.

The work­sheets I’ve cre­at­ed for you are here:

Print out the Acro­bat files using the free view­er from Adobe, fill in your own details, and keep copies with you at all times. If you have Microsoft Excel, you might want to use the Excel ver­sion instead, so that you can update your spread­sheet as things change and print out new ver­sions more easily.

I men­tioned the dona­tion­ware pro­gram Pop-Up Wis­dom as well as the Moti­va­tion­al and Inspi­ra­tional Quotes Cal­en­dar and Web­Shots. If you join Web­shots, you can list me as a friend! I don’t have many pic­tures uploaded there, but our fam­i­ly’s user name is tech­no­zoo.

If you have any tech­ni­cal ques­tions about how we got the pret­ty pic­tures serv­er to work with the tele­vi­sion, please feel free to ask them here. My part­ner or I will be hap­py to answer them.

Music for the show was “Morn­ing on Haleakala High­way” by Kimo Watan­abe from the Pod­safe Music Net­work.

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  2. I’m a big fan of any­thing but those “inspi­ra­tional” newslet­ters, but I must say the Good Morn­ings from Brook Noel are indeed a sight for sore eyes. Quotable and lovable.

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