Happy Days

My man is the sweetest on earth. He brings me coffee in bed, draws me a lovely bath with the fizzy bath bombs he got to surprise me, and just pampers me in general. I was cuddling on the couch with him, reading (Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris at the moment) while he finishes watching the first season of The Sopranos on DVD while the kids are gone. I had to walk away, because I don’t deal with the violence so well, but it’s wonderful to be here with him, just relaxing. And now that the DVD is done, he’s making biscuits!

The girls are off at a friends’ birthday party sleepover. They were camping out in her backyard, and we suddenly get a freeze warning overnight! C’s mother says they were warm and comfy with extra sleeping bags and other comforts, and didn’t want to come in when she checked on them a few times. real_pochacco spent the night at his best friend’s place, too.

We went to Starbucks yesterday afternoon to meet leduck and the rest of her gaming group (do any of the others have LJs?). We’ve been trying to get together for weeks, and life just kept interfering. Meeting them was worth the wait, though. They followed us home and we began the process of creating characters for a new campaign while chatting and having yummy Chinese food. It’s going to be a very social, intrigue-heavy swashbuckling game. Fun!

I love being able to have people come over on the spur of the moment. The house wasn’t perfect, as we’d been having a very “functional” day earlier—but it wasn’t bad, and it certainly wasn’t dirty. There was just a little clutter.

Friday shadowkatt and I met up with curiousmay9 to do some work-trade stuff at her friend M’s home. We got lots accomplished, and while we were exhausted it felt good to see what we’d done. (And M was reportedly thrilled.) curiousmay9 came in and caulked around the hall bathroom’s tub—I hadn’t even noticed it needed to be done, but she is the Goddess of all such things 🙂

That night she and wordcandlemage came over for dinner and a ritual. We enjoyed the best pound cake I have ever put in my mouth—thanks hon! wordcandlemage brought candles he’d made himself. If you want candles, for any purpose at all, he is your man. They are just wonderful.

Then we went to Border’s for a bit to take advantage of the Teacher Appreciation weekend with the 25% discount. sambear picked up the latest version of Writer’s Market and already found some promising leads. We got a birthday present for the girls to take to their friend C, and I picked up the latest copy of Home Education. I really should get around to subscribing. And Borders needs to stay open later. I miss the days of Oxford Books and the Cup & Chaucer.

shadowkatt has choir practice today, and we have Trybalaka, so we need to get moving and collect the younguns.

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