Happy Days

My man is the sweet­est on earth. He brings me cof­fee in bed, draws me a love­ly bath with the fizzy bath bombs he got to sur­prise me, and just pam­pers me in gen­er­al. I was cud­dling on the couch with him, read­ing (Dead Until Dark by Char­laine Har­ris at the moment) while he fin­ish­es watch­ing the first sea­son of The Sopra­nos on DVD while the kids are gone. I had to walk away, because I don’t deal with the vio­lence so well, but it’s won­der­ful to be here with him, just relax­ing. And now that the DVD is done, he’s mak­ing biscuits!

The girls are off at a friends’ birth­day par­ty sleep­over. They were camp­ing out in her back­yard, and we sud­den­ly get a freeze warn­ing overnight! C’s moth­er says they were warm and com­fy with extra sleep­ing bags and oth­er com­forts, and did­n’t want to come in when she checked on them a few times. real_pochacco spent the night at his best friend’s place, too.

We went to Star­bucks yes­ter­day after­noon to meet leduck and the rest of her gam­ing group (do any of the oth­ers have LJs?). We’ve been try­ing to get togeth­er for weeks, and life just kept inter­fer­ing. Meet­ing them was worth the wait, though. They fol­lowed us home and we began the process of cre­at­ing char­ac­ters for a new cam­paign while chat­ting and hav­ing yum­my Chi­nese food. It’s going to be a very social, intrigue-heavy swash­buck­ling game. Fun!

I love being able to have peo­ple come over on the spur of the moment. The house was­n’t per­fect, as we’d been hav­ing a very “func­tion­al” day earlier—but it was­n’t bad, and it cer­tain­ly was­n’t dirty. There was just a lit­tle clutter.

Fri­day shad­owkatt and I met up with curiousmay9 to do some work-trade stuff at her friend M’s home. We got lots accom­plished, and while we were exhaust­ed it felt good to see what we’d done. (And M was report­ed­ly thrilled.) curiousmay9 came in and caulked around the hall bath­room’s tub—I had­n’t even noticed it need­ed to be done, but she is the God­dess of all such things 🙂 

That night she and word­can­dlemage came over for din­ner and a rit­u­al. We enjoyed the best pound cake I have ever put in my mouth—thanks hon! word­can­dlemage brought can­dles he’d made him­self. If you want can­dles, for any pur­pose at all, he is your man. They are just wonderful.

Then we went to Bor­der’s for a bit to take advan­tage of the Teacher Appre­ci­a­tion week­end with the 25% dis­count. sam­bear picked up the lat­est ver­sion of Writer’s Mar­ket and already found some promis­ing leads. We got a birth­day present for the girls to take to their friend C, and I picked up the lat­est copy of Home Edu­ca­tion. I real­ly should get around to sub­scrib­ing. And Bor­ders needs to stay open lat­er. I miss the days of Oxford Books and the Cup & Chaucer.

shad­owkatt has choir prac­tice today, and we have Try­bal­a­ka, so we need to get mov­ing and col­lect the younguns.

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