Tuesday Toodling

It’s been a very productive, though tiring, day. I did venture into stores and emerged clutching the colors of DMC that I needed as well as a piece of mounting board. I had to go into stores anyway, for we ran out of toner for the laser printer AND black ink for the inkjet, so I figured the trip to the craft store was my just reward.

I happened by some bins of yarn at the craft store and was very nearly snared. I have no idea what that stuff was, but it was seductively soft and fuzzy and the bins were full of my favorite jewel tones. I WANT! But I have absolutely no reason to have it, as my long-ago attempts to learn to knit or crochet were dismal failures. It was so beautiful, though! I just wanted to keep touching it, but I was a Good Girl and put it away. I didn’t even dare look at the price, but I did notice that the packaging was MUCH smaller than most of the skeins of yarn. That causes me to think that it’s probably prohibitively expensive.

I also saw my new GP today. She’s quite nice, she truly listened and treated me as an intelligent adult, she didn’t say the first word about my weight, and her office staff was nicely organized and efficient. I wasn’t so wild about the nurse, but perhaps we just got off on the wrong foot.

Damn—I just realized that I didn’t go to the drugstore. Oh well, I can fix that when I go pick up sambear.

I saw the rheumatologist yesterday, driving all the way across town and back to do so. Her office is total chaos, and just being there is an energy drain! She’s nice, but yesterday more than ever I just didn’t feel like she was really seeing or thinking about me and my records in particular. She breezed in and out and nurses and administrative staff buzzed around like someone had kicked their anthill, but nobody seemed to be able to get anything done! I can’t really afford to start over again with a new rheumatologist right now, but it’s something I definitely intend to do as soon as I can do it. I think I’m going to ask the new GP if she’ll manage my meds for now, anyway.

I have a GYN visit scheduled next week, too. I decided to give myself doctor’s visits for the holiday, can you tell? If all goes well, within a month or so I should have access to MOST of the meds I need.

For now, I do have some Ultracet and Flexeril. I had forgotten the way that Ultram/Ultracet can interfere with sleep meds, though, and ended up being unable to get to sleep until around 3 am.

shadowkatt is off with the family, seeing all the many people who are vying for holiday time with her. I don’t want to expose the new nephew to the flu (he’s on formula, so he won’t have any immunity), so I’m staying away. I’m honestly looking forward to time with my man, though—just us, nice and quiet and cozy 🙂

I nearly forgot—I finished another old WIP Sunday. I’ll have to take pictures of it and the other one. I’m working on a very late birth sampler now and making much more progress on it than I have in some time. I picked up a huge book of Disney patterns today, too. I’ll pick something from there to make for the nephew—his parents aren’t terribly interested in the traditional birth sampler.

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