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It’s been a very pro­duc­tive, though tir­ing, day. I did ven­ture into stores and emerged clutch­ing the col­ors of DMC that I need­ed as well as a piece of mount­ing board. I had to go into stores any­way, for we ran out of ton­er for the laser print­er AND black ink for the inkjet, so I fig­ured the trip to the craft store was my just reward.

I hap­pened by some bins of yarn at the craft store and was very near­ly snared. I have no idea what that stuff was, but it was seduc­tive­ly soft and fuzzy and the bins were full of my favorite jew­el tones. I WANT! But I have absolute­ly no rea­son to have it, as my long-ago attempts to learn to knit or cro­chet were dis­mal fail­ures. It was so beau­ti­ful, though! I just want­ed to keep touch­ing it, but I was a Good Girl and put it away. I did­n’t even dare look at the price, but I did notice that the pack­ag­ing was MUCH small­er than most of the skeins of yarn. That caus­es me to think that it’s prob­a­bly pro­hib­i­tive­ly expensive.

I also saw my new GP today. She’s quite nice, she tru­ly lis­tened and treat­ed me as an intel­li­gent adult, she did­n’t say the first word about my weight, and her office staff was nice­ly orga­nized and effi­cient. I was­n’t so wild about the nurse, but per­haps we just got off on the wrong foot.

Damn—I just real­ized that I did­n’t go to the drug­store. Oh well, I can fix that when I go pick up sam­bear.

I saw the rheuma­tol­o­gist yes­ter­day, dri­ving all the way across town and back to do so. Her office is total chaos, and just being there is an ener­gy drain! She’s nice, but yes­ter­day more than ever I just did­n’t feel like she was real­ly see­ing or think­ing about me and my records in par­tic­u­lar. She breezed in and out and nurs­es and admin­is­tra­tive staff buzzed around like some­one had kicked their anthill, but nobody seemed to be able to get any­thing done! I can’t real­ly afford to start over again with a new rheuma­tol­o­gist right now, but it’s some­thing I def­i­nite­ly intend to do as soon as I can do it. I think I’m going to ask the new GP if she’ll man­age my meds for now, anyway.

I have a GYN vis­it sched­uled next week, too. I decid­ed to give myself doc­tor’s vis­its for the hol­i­day, can you tell? If all goes well, with­in a month or so I should have access to MOST of the meds I need.

For now, I do have some Ultra­cet and Flex­eril. I had for­got­ten the way that Ultram/Ultracet can inter­fere with sleep meds, though, and end­ed up being unable to get to sleep until around 3 am. 

shad­owkatt is off with the fam­i­ly, see­ing all the many peo­ple who are vying for hol­i­day time with her. I don’t want to expose the new nephew to the flu (he’s on for­mu­la, so he won’t have any immu­ni­ty), so I’m stay­ing away. I’m hon­est­ly look­ing for­ward to time with my man, though—just us, nice and qui­et and cozy 🙂

I near­ly forgot—I fin­ished anoth­er old WIP Sun­day. I’ll have to take pic­tures of it and the oth­er one. I’m work­ing on a very late birth sam­pler now and mak­ing much more progress on it than I have in some time. I picked up a huge book of Dis­ney pat­terns today, too. I’ll pick some­thing from there to make for the nephew—his par­ents aren’t ter­ri­bly inter­est­ed in the tra­di­tion­al birth sampler.

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