Crafting Needs

All who have med­i­tat­ed on the art of gov­ern­ing mankind have been con­vinced that the fate of empires depends on the edu­ca­tion of youth.

I need to go out to get some DMC and Orvus. I’d like to get some quilt­ing thread, plain fab­ric, and acid-free mount­ing board (not the sticky kind) too, to try lac­ing some pieces to pre­pare for fram­ing them later.

I haven’t been in a craft store in too long—I had­n’t heard of these Stitch­Bow things until I saw them on the DMC site today.

I have absolute­ly ZERO desire to go any­where near any store, though. In fact, I fear it. Ewwww! Lines! Crazy peo­ple! Noise!

If I were to ask him to do so, I know that sam­bear would hie him­self to the near­est craft store on my behalf. I don’t real­ly think it’s the best use of his time, though, and I try not to abuse his marvelousness.

Shel­ley has man­aged to lose both of her lit­tle jing­ly balls. She has the tears and keeps rush­ing back and forth look­ing for some­thing to bat at. We need to buy an entire bas­ket of those things!

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