I find it very annoy­ing when friends just drop out of my world. Even if it’s some­one with whom I don’t cur­rent­ly have fre­quent con­tact, I feel unset­tled and inse­cure and unhap­py as a result.

sam­bear has a sec­tion on his web site where­upon he rem­i­nisces about var­i­ous peo­ple with whom he regrets los­ing touch. He’s actu­al­ly heard from a fair num­ber of them due to that page, as peo­ple come upon it while ego surf­ing. I keep mean­ing to put up a sim­i­lar page on my site, but I’ve been lazy.

But—orking on the “all knowl­edge is con­tained with­in LJ” theory…

Wes Schrad­er is one of those peo­ple. I met him at a poly potluck years and years ago, held in the home Uncle Ron shared with his then-wife Pat­ti. I lat­er worked with Wes at Rel­e­vant Knowl­edge. I’d like to think that we were friends, though not incred­i­bly close ones, and I great­ly enjoyed the occa­sions when I did get to see him. And then he van­ished. His email address bounces, his phone num­bers are dis­con­nect­ed, and he isn’t on the PolySouth­East list anymore.

I know he was a friend of gae­as­son and rslatkin—I’m sure some of the oth­ers I know here know him. So I’ve decid­ed to sim­ply put out a request to the uni­verse to find out where Wes is these days and what’s up with him, real­ly just want­i­ng to know that he’s okay.

Thank you.

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