From Katie: Learning by Doing

An awe­some arti­cle by Seed mag­a­zine (my cur­rent favorite mag­a­zine!) about learn­ing by doing. Appar­ent­ly, that’s how we learn best. When we learn by doing, we retain the infor­ma­tion we’ve learned much bet­ter than if it’s pre­sent­ed to us in an abstract way. How We Know: What do an alge­bra teacher, Toy­ota, and a classical […]

Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane

Even if we weren’t home­school­ing, I don’t think I could give up some of my HSing lists, because I’d miss out on things like this. For God’s sake, please give it up. Fear it no less than the sen­su­al pas­sion, because it, too, may take up all your time and deprive you of your health, peace […]

About the 2000 Election

I still run into peo­ple who believe that Bush won the 2000 elec­tion fair and square. Katie and I did some math today, using fig­ures from that elec­tion. These do NOT con­sid­er the num­ber of peo­ple who were intim­i­dat­ed by road­blocks and the like, or the absen­tee bal­lot issues. Bush won the 2000 elec­tion in […]

They Shouldn’t BE Homeschooling!

Okay, an acquain­tance of ours has repeat­ed­ly moaned to me recent­ly because her daugh­ter isn’t learn­ing any­thing. Truly—they’re sup­pos­ed­ly home­school­ing the kid, and she is still com­plete­ly stuck on the same math con­cepts she could­n’t learn over two years ago in pub­lic school. Despite tutors. (Warn­ing: THEY ARE NOT A TYPICAL HOMESCHOOLING FAMILY IN ANY […]

My Math Whiz

Okay, Katie just brought me her math book so I could check the pre-test for the next chap­ter. She got every prob­lem right, so she’s skip­ping yet anoth­er chap­ter. That makes sev­en chap­ters in a book that only HAS twelve chap­ters. Gosh, was­n’t this the kid who thought she was­n’t good at math? Guess I should […]

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