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I’m Allergic to Our Bedroom

More specif­i­cal­ly (I hope), some­thing in it. Not Sam, hap­pi­ly, but every time I go in there, I’m all stuffed up with­in a few min­utes.

We keep that room closed and have a win­dow a/c unit in there, because the house a/c just does­n’t keep up so well.1 I’m won­der­ing if there’s some­thing about the air not cir­cu­lat­ing to the rest of the house that’s caus­ing dust to set­tle in there?

The cat is sel­dom allowed in the room at all, and we don’t have any oth­er pets. There aren’t any plants in the room.

We haven’t been using the air clean­ers, because I can only get their fil­ters by mail-order and just did­n’t get around to get­ting new ones. I guess I need to order them and see if that helps.


In nicer news, the girl and I went to the nice library today. I had gone through my “to-read” shelf at Good Reads and request­ed a bunch of books. More of them than I expect­ed came through all at one time, where­upon I learned that they allow a max­i­mum of 75 books to be checked out at once. Whoops! I had to put two back.

I have plen­ty to read now, though!

1 We had to put a unit in Katie’s room, too–it real­ly was­n’t fac­tored in to the ton­nage on the a/c unit when some­one fin­ished a for­mer garage, and it does­n’t have enough ducts. Now we need one for the guest room.

5 comments to I’m Allergic to Our Bedroom

  • I sor­ry your bed­room is giv­ing you prob­lems!

    I won­der if dust is build­ing up because the room stays closed. Or if you’re react­ing to mildew in or on the AC unit — some­times they stay damp and grow nas­ti­ness.

    Wow I thought I had a lot of library books out 🙂

  • From time to time I look here by and read the always inter­est­ing and well writ­ten con­tri­bu­tions. Here I would like to leave glad­ly a greet­ing from Thuringia in Ger­many!

  • Precious Jen

    My bet is mold and mildew in the AC unit.

  • Art

    Like Hope, I’m won­der­ing if the win­dow unit has a washable/replaceable fil­ter that needs to be cleaned.

    The oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ty that springs to mind is that the humid­i­ty lev­el might be dif­fer­ent — I find some­times that can make me abrupt­ly stuff up, but it usu­al­ly pass­es.

  • cyn

    I’ll ask Sam to look at the unit again. He said there was­n’t any­thing that need­ed to be cleaned, but you’re prob­a­bly right. Mebbe I can find the man­u­al online.

    Hi, Mat­ti, and wel­come! I looked at your blog, which seems nice, but I’m afraid I’m mono­lin­gual and can’t read it. 🙂