McCain Blogger Flubs His Roll

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard the hoorah by now. Michael Goldfarb, a blogger on McCain’s official campaign site added a lame anti-gamer slur to his rinse-and-repeat “but he was a POW!” bullshit. Sam (and many others) responded to the twit (who keeps comments disabled on his blog—afraid of a little commentary, Goldfarb?). This isn’t the first time McCain’s people have attacked their opponents with comments about D&D, either, as some of the folks on Boing Boing have pointed out.

Goldfarb was responding to a post on the Daily Kos that called McCain out on his plagiarism during a media event this weekend. The DK blogger has a nice response.

Goldfarb has supposedly apologized, but oddly enough, his “apology” isn’t posted on his blog, or anywhere else on McCain’s site as far as I can tell. If he isn’t man enough to make the apology in the same venue in which he posted the attack, that says a lot about him and the entire McCain campaign.1None of it is surprising to me, but it is still telling.

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