New Addiction

Whoops! What have I done to myself?

I was frustrated that there were a fair number of books on my “shelves” at Good Reads that had no associated cover image. I collected all but, I think, two of the cover images for the books I had listed in Now Reading, but couldn’t find a way to make use of them at GR. I also found a lot of inconsistencies in the way titles were represented, and some misspelled authors’ names.

Then I noticed a link about applying to be a librarian. They’re the people who can edit author and book information. Cool! I applied, figuring they’d tell me I haven’t been active long enough or something but noting that this is one endeavor in which OCD is an asset.

Oddly enough, they approved me.

This may not be a power I should have. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of my awake time today normalizing data their data. And enjoying it.

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One thought on “New Addiction

  1. LOL. I have been trying to keep up with mine at shelfari. I haven’t seen a link to become a librarian, but I don’t think I could resist either. Try to use the power only for good. 🙂

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