We have nothing to do tonight. Not a thing. Nada. Zilch.

That is an unbelievable relief! Katie has had four nights of dance every week since the fall. We’re all ready for a break!

We’re going to have pizza, laze around, maybe watch movies. Katie and I watched Dirty Dancing last night, so she’s continuing with Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (aka DD II) right now. I’ll join her in a few minutes.

In our happily boring lives, we had allergy shots today. I dropped Katie off at the library and went on to an interminable appointment.

I’m tapering off three different medications in the next week. Warning: I’m not responsible for anything said or done during that time!

Then I ramp up on two new meds.

The happy thing is that I’m going off the med that gives a greatly increased diabetes risk. The one that’s replacing it, though, is supposed to be incredibly sedating. As in, I had to promise that I’d “brush (my) teeth, get in bed, THEN take the pill.”

That could be a very nice change from insomnia. I’m warned that I’ll feel hungover for the first week or so. And—get this—if I’m too sleepy, I’m supposed to double the dose. If I can’t sleep, I halve the dose.

No, I didn’t get that backward. I double-checked with the pharmacist and elsewhere. What is this, freakin’ homeopathy?

The end result will be that I’m taking one less medication, all told. That’s good. I really want to get off as many drugs as possible.

The urban wildlife specialists are supposed to be here early tomorrow morning. They’ll begin by removing every bit of insulation and nastiness left by the critters who were bedding down in our attics. Then they’ll secure everything. After that, we’ll have new insulation (and much more of it) blown in.

They’ll put out humane traps, too, if they think they’re justified. Watch out, raccoons!

We took Sparks and Karli to the vet yesterday. Tomorrow we take Shelley. I figure Wizard and KG may feel left out and require a visit by the end of the week. We’re switching Karli to new flea/tick meds, as she got a tick (ewww!). Sparks is on antibiotics for infected anal glands. I think Shelley has the same condition. I am not ABOUT to try expressing a cat’s anal glands. Nope. Not ever. I’ll happily pay vets for that any day.

I miss curiousmay9. I understand she’s getting some much-needed rest, though, which is good.

I also bought a desk chair for myself. It’s lovely, but the Staples employee who helped get it into the car had all the spatial sense of a limp French fry. I miss the car with the trunk that probably contained Jimmy Hoffa if you dug back far enough, but the sweet little hybrid definitely has some advantages. (I’m just driving her while the van is repaired and curiousmay9 is out of town.)

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