We have noth­ing to do tonight. Not a thing. Nada. Zilch.

That is an unbe­liev­able relief! Katie has had four nights of dance every week since the fall. We’re all ready for a break!

We’re going to have piz­za, laze around, maybe watch movies. Katie and I watched Dirty Danc­ing last night, so she’s con­tin­u­ing with Dirty Danc­ing: Havana Nights (aka DD II) right now. I’ll join her in a few minutes.

In our hap­pi­ly bor­ing lives, we had aller­gy shots today. I dropped Katie off at the library and went on to an inter­minable appointment.

I’m taper­ing off three dif­fer­ent med­ica­tions in the next week. Warn­ing: I’m not respon­si­ble for any­thing said or done dur­ing that time!

Then I ramp up on two new meds. 

The hap­py thing is that I’m going off the med that gives a great­ly increased dia­betes risk. The one that’s replac­ing it, though, is sup­posed to be incred­i­bly sedat­ing. As in, I had to promise that I’d “brush (my) teeth, get in bed, THEN take the pill.”

That could be a very nice change from insom­nia. I’m warned that I’ll feel hun­gover for the first week or so. And—get this—if I’m too sleepy, I’m sup­posed to dou­ble the dose. If I can’t sleep, I halve the dose.

No, I did­n’t get that back­ward. I dou­ble-checked with the phar­ma­cist and else­where. What is this, freakin’ homeopathy?

The end result will be that I’m tak­ing one less med­ica­tion, all told. That’s good. I real­ly want to get off as many drugs as possible.

The urban wildlife spe­cial­ists are sup­posed to be here ear­ly tomor­row morn­ing. They’ll begin by remov­ing every bit of insu­la­tion and nas­ti­ness left by the crit­ters who were bed­ding down in our attics. Then they’ll secure every­thing. After that, we’ll have new insu­la­tion (and much more of it) blown in.

They’ll put out humane traps, too, if they think they’re jus­ti­fied. Watch out, raccoons!

We took Sparks and Kar­li to the vet yes­ter­day. Tomor­row we take Shel­ley. I fig­ure Wiz­ard and KG may feel left out and require a vis­it by the end of the week. We’re switch­ing Kar­li to new flea/tick meds, as she got a tick (ewww!). Sparks is on antibi­otics for infect­ed anal glands. I think Shel­ley has the same con­di­tion. I am not ABOUT to try express­ing a cat’s anal glands. Nope. Not ever. I’ll hap­pi­ly pay vets for that any day.

I miss curiousmay9. I under­stand she’s get­ting some much-need­ed rest, though, which is good.

I also bought a desk chair for myself. It’s love­ly, but the Sta­ples employ­ee who helped get it into the car had all the spa­tial sense of a limp French fry. I miss the car with the trunk that prob­a­bly con­tained Jim­my Hof­fa if you dug back far enough, but the sweet lit­tle hybrid def­i­nite­ly has some advan­tages. (I’m just dri­ving her while the van is repaired and curiousmay9 is out of town.)

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