Weekend Report/PDA Nuisance

Okay, so I’m writ­ing more despite not being rest­ed. I could­n’t get to sleep when I tried to nap ear­li­er. I think I could now, but I have to pick shad­owkatt up from the dance stu­dio and fetch sam­bear from Hon­or­able Clien­t’s place lat­er. I’m afraid that if I do lay down, I won’t get up again on time.

Sav­ing this so I can find it lat­er: Six Think­ing Hats by Edward de Bono

My lit­tle broth­er is get­ting mar­ried some­time this sum­mer. Dad­dy called and asked if it was okay for Broth­er to call me. I said that’s fine as long as he’s civ­il. No call yet, but we’ll see.

Now my PDA isn’t keep­ing time prop­er­ly. I reset the time on Fri­day, and it’s 2.5 hours fast now. I also have to push and hold it in its cra­dle in a very pre­cise posi­tion in order to sync it, which is annoy­ing (and the prob­lem they did­n’t fix when I sent it back last time). This thing has already been back to Palm for repair four times! This time they’re sup­posed to be send­ing me a replace­ment BEFORE I send them mine. This is utter­ly insane, though, so Sam actu­al­ly called the Pal­mOne CEO’s office today. We’ll see what happens.

Edit: They just called me back to say that they don’t have any M130s avail­able to send me. This is ridicu­lous. Yes, we will be talk­ing to the cor­po­rate office tomorrow.

We had a love­ly vis­it from fae­bouche this week­end. I did­n’t see as much of her as I’d like, as I was at GaFilk. It was good to meet her pri­ma­ry part­ner on Sun­day, too (does he have an LJ?). I left before they were up this morn­ing, dri­ving sam­bear to work and retriev­ing shad­owkatt from a friend’s house where she’d spent the week­end. They had to leave before we got back home, so shad­owkatt missed see­ing them and is quite disappointed.

I stitched lots and lots on the new design while at the con. I’m cor­rect­ing the pat­tern as I stitch it—sort of QA for cross-stitch. I’m hav­ing crazy thoughts, though, of doing a series of pieces that each fea­ture one verse of the song. It’s an incred­i­ble song. Yes, I’m prob­a­bly insane. I think I’m going to do it, though.

This was my first time to attend GaFilk —indeed, to attend any con oth­er than Drag­onCon. I did­n’t expect to be able to go and was­n’t reg­is­tered in advance, but it was a love­ly surprise.

I real­ly enjoyed mak­ing music, see­ing old friends and meet­ing new ones. My head is full of songs I heard and song, sto­ry, and pat­tern ideas. I wrote half of my first filk and the rest of it is brew­ing. I missed hear­ing filk­er­dave’s Liaden filk, Tree and Drag­on. (I don’t know him, but had read about the song on the Liaden Uni­verse mail­ing list.)

Mary Crow­ell is incred­i­ble! I had­n’t heard her before and real­ly enjoyed her “tirch songs” (torch filk). Echo’s Chil­dren are even bet­ter in per­son than on their recordings—although cat­sit­tingstill was obvi­ous­ly in much pain all week­end due to a back prob­lem. Three Weird Sis­ters did some love­ly pieces. I absolute­ly loved the new and old pieces from mrp­syk­lops!

I stayed up all Sat­ur­day night singing and enjoy­ing the com­pa­ny of delight­ful peo­ple. I was even treat­ed to break­fast by a sexy man—who picked me up! I mean that very literally—apparently, that’s the way this gen­tle­man hugs. Some­thing about being picked up eas­i­ly makes me feel all fem­i­nine and lovely.

There were lots more, but my brain still isn’t work­ing very well.

I abused my body shame­ful­ly by get­ting very lit­tle sleep and ingest­ing WAY too much caf­feine. (Sur­pris­ing­ly, I did­n’t have any junk food—it just does­n’t inter­est me anymore.)

I def­i­nite­ly want to go again next year, and sam­bear and shad­owkatt want to attend as well. I won­der what next year’s dates are?

Sounds fun: Alpha, the Sci­ence Fic­tion, Fan­ta­sy and Hor­ror Work­shop for Young Writers
Heck, I want to go! I love Tamo­ra Pierce. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’m well beyond the 14–19 age range.

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