Do You Get Used to It?

Those of you who use CPAP machines—do you ever get to where it doesn’t feel strange? Can you talk, at least a few sentences, despite the thing?

I think not being able to talk is getting to me the most. When Sam and I go to bed, we using slip into sleep still talking to each other. I can’t get words out past the airflow of this thing, though.

Edit: I don’t have an over-the-nose mask. I have a Tiara Snapp Mask.

The tech called today and walked me through adjusting the airflow down. I’d asked for it, and the doctor approved. Even with this C-Flex thing, that’s supposed to back off slightly so I can exhale more easily, I felt like I was being smothered. Maybe I’ll be able to wear it longer tonight. I’ll certainly keep trying!

According to the two studies, I don’t get any REM or delta-stage sleep. (Okay, I got about 5 minutes of REM sleep the second time I was there.) Those stages are really important.

The body repairs damage (injuries or normal wear-and-tear) during the delta stage. It’s entirely possible that getting enough GOOD sleep every night will make most of my pain go away!

Lack of REM sleep leads to depression, forgetfulness, and irritability, among other things. If more dreams mean less fibro fog, I’m there!

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