It’s a Friday That Feels Like a Monday For Some Reason

The conversation last night with curiousmay9 and mrpsyklops and shadowkatt was just so good—that’s ambrosia for me. And it’s the BEST kind of homeschooling experience. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about getting Katie up to get to school on time, giving us the freedom to enjoy real life.

I was going to fight some bureaucrats today, but they don’t talk to people like me in that office on Fridays.

There’s a pony upstairs. I’m convinced of it. That’s the only explanation for the way the ceiling vibrates.

I’ve been having increasing trouble facing oatmeal each morning. I’m bad about not remembering to eat anyway, and I don’t like eating enough to go to much trouble to prepare anything. I was tired of oatmeal, but didn’t want to deal with anything that took more effort. So I picked up some Mueslix at Kroger yesterday and ate that this morning. As long as I remember to take Lactaid, I should be fine with it. Well, I also have to remember to eat FIRST, then have coffee, or the coffee kills my appetite.

I got two small pots of pothos at Kroger yesterday. I really wanted the BIG pots, and I know Kroger isn’t the best place to get plants anyway—but they were so shiny and healthy that they just jumped into my cart. sambear brought home gorgeous flowers for me, too!

The ceilings in our bathroom at the Castle are REALLY high, with big windows way up there. Katie’s uncle’s house in Charlotte had ceilings like that in the living room, and they’d put shelves around just below the windows with lots of gorgeous live plants. They were beautiful and really added to the room, but I’m wondering how they took care of them. Perhaps I should contact them and ask. I hope the answer isn’t “we had a service for that,” but with their lifestyle it’s highly likely.

I baked potatoes for the first time in YEARS. I had to go look up directions on temperature and time, and they still took longer than the Idaho Potato folks said they would. Maybe that was because they were “Mountain King” potatoes instead?

I didn’t wrap them in aluminum foil, because I learned that restaurants only do that to keep them hot longer. The foil makes the potatoes steam more than bake, so they’re less fluffy. I like fluffy. Mom suggested that I massage them with olive oil first, so I did that too. I certainly enjoyed my tater, and I didn’t see anybody not eating theirs. I still have whole bag of them, so we’re likely to eat more baked potatoes soon.

I’m not at all sure as to whether there’s a Girl Scout meeting tonight. The schedule is all messed up. I’ll ask the girl when she wakes up enough to be coherent.

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