It’s a Friday That Feels Like a Monday For Some Reason

The con­ver­sa­tion last night with curiousmay9 and mrp­syk­lops and shad­owkatt was just so good—that’s ambrosia for me. And it’s the BEST kind of home­school­ing expe­ri­ence. I’m so glad I don’t have to wor­ry about get­ting Katie up to get to school on time, giv­ing us the free­dom to enjoy real life.

I was going to fight some bureau­crats today, but they don’t talk to peo­ple like me in that office on Fridays.

There’s a pony upstairs. I’m con­vinced of it. That’s the only expla­na­tion for the way the ceil­ing vibrates.

I’ve been hav­ing increas­ing trou­ble fac­ing oat­meal each morn­ing. I’m bad about not remem­ber­ing to eat any­way, and I don’t like eat­ing enough to go to much trou­ble to pre­pare any­thing. I was tired of oat­meal, but did­n’t want to deal with any­thing that took more effort. So I picked up some Mues­lix at Kroger yes­ter­day and ate that this morn­ing. As long as I remem­ber to take Lac­taid, I should be fine with it. Well, I also have to remem­ber to eat FIRST, then have cof­fee, or the cof­fee kills my appetite.

I got two small pots of pothos at Kroger yes­ter­day. I real­ly want­ed the BIG pots, and I know Kroger isn’t the best place to get plants anyway—but they were so shiny and healthy that they just jumped into my cart. sam­bear brought home gor­geous flow­ers for me, too!

The ceil­ings in our bath­room at the Cas­tle are REALLY high, with big win­dows way up there. Katie’s uncle’s house in Char­lotte had ceil­ings like that in the liv­ing room, and they’d put shelves around just below the win­dows with lots of gor­geous live plants. They were beau­ti­ful and real­ly added to the room, but I’m won­der­ing how they took care of them. Per­haps I should con­tact them and ask. I hope the answer isn’t “we had a ser­vice for that,” but with their lifestyle it’s high­ly likely.

I baked pota­toes for the first time in YEARS. I had to go look up direc­tions on tem­per­a­ture and time, and they still took longer than the Ida­ho Pota­to folks said they would. Maybe that was because they were “Moun­tain King” pota­toes instead?

I did­n’t wrap them in alu­minum foil, because I learned that restau­rants only do that to keep them hot longer. The foil makes the pota­toes steam more than bake, so they’re less fluffy. I like fluffy. Mom sug­gest­ed that I mas­sage them with olive oil first, so I did that too. I cer­tain­ly enjoyed my tater, and I did­n’t see any­body not eat­ing theirs. I still have whole bag of them, so we’re like­ly to eat more baked pota­toes soon.

I’m not at all sure as to whether there’s a Girl Scout meet­ing tonight. The sched­ule is all messed up. I’ll ask the girl when she wakes up enough to be coherent.

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