Fibro/CFS Book Recommendation

Reminder to myself, for when I have $ for books—as well as pass­ing the rec­om­men­da­tion to others.

Dur­ing my vis­it with him this week, my pain spe­cial­ist strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed Jay Gold­stein’s book, Betray­al by the Brain: The Neu­ro­log­ic Basis of Chron­ic Fatigue Syn­drome, Fibromyal­gia Syn­drome, and Relat­ed Neur­al Net­work Dis­or­ders.

From what I’ve read by oth­ers, many read­ers will pre­fer A Com­pan­ion Vol­ume to Dr. Jay A. Gold­stein’s Betray­al by the Brain: A Guide for Patients and Their Physi­cians by Katie Courmel. It’s writ­ten in lay­man’s terms, intend­ed to help patients under­go­ing treat­ment with Dr. Gold­stein’s pro­to­col to under­stand and coop­er­ate with their treatment.

I’ll go for the orig­i­nal, as I like my infor­ma­tion straight from the horse’s mouth—but I’ll prob­a­bly get the com­pan­ion guide, as well, to help me under­stand any­thing that real­ly goes over my head.

Dr. Gold­stein has retired and is no longer prac­tic­ing. Appar­ent­ly, he had an exten­sive web­site a few years ago at (don’t both­er right now—it’s a domain squat­ter page). Some of the info can be read via, though.

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