It’s Official

Katie is going to high school. She starts next week.

The tuition is cov­ered, for the first year, at least. It’s been a while since we did “back to school” shop­ping. It’s fun and tir­ing and EXPENSIVE!

The only thing I’m real­ly wor­ried about not being able to do is get­ting her a portable com­put­er. She’s going to be spend­ing a lot of time in the car, wait­ing for one of us to pick her up, dri­ving from here to there, etc. Dance starts up again this com­ing week, too. She needs to be able to do her assign­ments wher­ev­er she hap­pens to be, and I think a lap­top would be a big help to her in doing that. 

I decid­ed to let the world know that she needs a com­put­er, and see what hap­pens. Maybe some­one out there is upgrad­ing to a new sys­tem. It could hap­pen! I’d be buy­ing one if I could. I’m more than hap­py to barter ser­vices for hardware.

The plat­form is unim­por­tant. She needs to be able to do word pro­cess­ing and online research. She enjoys doing graph­ic manip­u­la­tion, using The GIMP. 

The school uses iBooks. They don’t have enough to go around in the class­room, much less enough to send them home with the stu­dents. They encour­age stu­dents to bring in their own computers.

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