It’s Official

Katie is going to high school. She starts next week.

The tuition is covered, for the first year, at least. It’s been a while since we did “back to school” shopping. It’s fun and tiring and EXPENSIVE!

The only thing I’m really worried about not being able to do is getting her a portable computer. She’s going to be spending a lot of time in the car, waiting for one of us to pick her up, driving from here to there, etc. Dance starts up again this coming week, too. She needs to be able to do her assignments wherever she happens to be, and I think a laptop would be a big help to her in doing that.

I decided to let the world know that she needs a computer, and see what happens. Maybe someone out there is upgrading to a new system. It could happen! I’d be buying one if I could. I’m more than happy to barter services for hardware.

The platform is unimportant. She needs to be able to do word processing and online research. She enjoys doing graphic manipulation, using The GIMP.

The school uses iBooks. They don’t have enough to go around in the classroom, much less enough to send them home with the students. They encourage students to bring in their own computers.

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