I missed a doctor’s appointment this morning—one of those that it has taken MONTHS to get. I’m not happy.

I just couldn’t wake up, though. Sam roused me long enough to get meds into me this morning. I fell asleep again, though, and for the second day in a row I ended up in a hypnagogic state (sleep paralysis). At least today wasn’t as terrifying as yesterday, but it was still nasty.

Yesterday’s episode happened pre-meds, and I didn’t take my meds ’til I “really” got up. As a result, I was close to tears for an hour or so. The effects of that are still with me.

Thankfully, Sam took Katie to dance last night. He also took her on a vital trip to the mall for make-up she wanted to wear for her recital this weekend. Somehow I doubt any of the other girls will have shopped at Hot Topic, but we know that Katie will look marvelous.

This afternoon/tonight we have several hours of tech rehearsals. Tomorrow’s dress rehearsals are scheduled from 1 pm to 11 pm. No, I’m not kidding—that’s what’s on the schedule. There are two shows on Sunday with a meal break between them. We expect to be there from 1 pm to 8 pm or thereabouts.

I’m saving all my spoons just to get through this. As much as I’m excited about the recital, the whole process is exhausting for Katie and the rest of us!

Please don’t take it personally that I’m crawling into a hole for the weekend, only poking my head out when I must leave the house. I’m very upset that I can’t spend time with celticdragonfly during her visit 🙁

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