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We watched X‑2, which was pret­ty good. sam­bear had also rent­ed Risky Busi­ness, because I’d nev­er seen it. I’m afraid I wan­dered away in the mid­dle. I tried real­ly hard to get through it, but I don’t think I would have been ter­ri­bly amused even when I was a teen.

I’ve done more stitch­ing on the birth announce­ment piece, and did some work on a new design. 

I got behind on the laun­dry because of the flu, so the house is a dread­ful mess. It’s time to move the laun­dry forward—there are lots of loads to be done. At least we got the kitchen in a bit bet­ter shape, but there’s more to be done before it’s tru­ly clean.

The girl is back with the rest of the fam­i­ly. When we were at my par­ents’ place yes­ter­day, we took some pic­tures of some of the stitch­ing pieces I’ve giv­en to them as well as the quilts they have that Grand­moth­er made. Dad­dy had bor­rowed a real­ly nice dig­i­tal cam­era from a friend, so he’s sup­posed to email the pic­tures to us.

I also learned that an old friend may be fac­ing a divorce. I did­n’t call her on her birth­day this year, and now I feel real­ly guilty. We haven’t been close since my first divorce, but there’s still some con­nec­tion there. If I had an email address for her, I’d have already con­tact­ed her—but I don’t. Phone calls are much hard­er, for what­ev­er reason.

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