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We watched X-2, which was pretty good. sambear had also rented Risky Business, because I’d never seen it. I’m afraid I wandered away in the middle. I tried really hard to get through it, but I don’t think I would have been terribly amused even when I was a teen.

I’ve done more stitching on the birth announcement piece, and did some work on a new design.

I got behind on the laundry because of the flu, so the house is a dreadful mess. It’s time to move the laundry forward—there are lots of loads to be done. At least we got the kitchen in a bit better shape, but there’s more to be done before it’s truly clean.

The girl is back with the rest of the family. When we were at my parents’ place yesterday, we took some pictures of some of the stitching pieces I’ve given to them as well as the quilts they have that Grandmother made. Daddy had borrowed a really nice digital camera from a friend, so he’s supposed to email the pictures to us.

I also learned that an old friend may be facing a divorce. I didn’t call her on her birthday this year, and now I feel really guilty. We haven’t been close since my first divorce, but there’s still some connection there. If I had an email address for her, I’d have already contacted her—but I don’t. Phone calls are much harder, for whatever reason.

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