hopeevey is a good influence 🙂

I’m thankful for…

  • sambear, who is so wonderful and marvelous and sexy and caring and… (sigh) I’ve got it bad, and it’s so good!
  • shadowkatt, who is a wonderful blessing.
  • curiousmay9, wordcandlemage, and other family-of-choice (henceforth FoC) members.
  • LJ, which initially seemed a very silly thing, but which has brought more marvelous FoC and friends into my life. I’d never have known ga_sunshine and waya and many other beautiful people without LJ. I wouldn’t have gotten to know hopeevey nearly as well.
  • School. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m starting to get past feeling that I’m not as intelligent as I was at once time. Yes, I know that depression and FMS-related brain fog have taken their toll, but working the mental muscles is definitely helping. A lot.
  • Wayne, whose legacy is giving me the room to homeschool Katie and go back to school and know that her college expenses are covered.
  • Cool music I wouldn’t have ever heard of without the internet and, especially, P2P networks.
  • kieracaitlyn, who used pan-dimensional healing to return an amazing amount of sensation to my left hand after seven years of near-total numbness.
  • The prospect of helping to raise another child or three without worries about my own ability to conceive or carry a child to term.
Current Mood: 🙂thankful
Current Music: Two Nice Girls – Heaven on Earth
Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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