Tired Now

I had a pain doctor appointment last week but wasn’t up to going. So Sam rescheduled it for me, and I headed across town today.

Apparently, this was the day for “fitting in” everybody who has canceled an appointment in the last Goddess-knows-how-long, because I arrived to find no parking (even on the street in front of the practice). Patience was rewarded, and I got a spot that opened up as someone left. I was still 20 minutes early for my appointment.

I was seen shortly before the woman who came in after me, after stopping to glare at me from her streetside parking space (hey, it wasn’t as if she had been in the lot waiting or anything!). Her appointment was actually 15 minutes before mine, so I have no idea why they saw me first.

Still, I was very glad to have a backup ebook on my PDA, because it took over 2 hours to get out of there. They usually run absolutely on time, so I only had one “normal” book with me, and I finished it.1And then gifted it to someone who had been waiting before me and was still unseen when I left, who kept moaning about having forgotten to bring a book. That office is always so overheated, so I was really dozy by the time I left.

Sam and I agreed that I had no business driving very far, so I got some fruit and water and went to his workplace. I had a brief nap, then he was off work and we were off to fill my prescriptions. We committed naughtiness by grabbing pizza for dinner, but it was yummy naughtiness.

This is the man’s “Old Farts” gaming night when he meets up with some of his buddies and they play whatever they can agree on. The girl is going out with friends to see The Watchmen (again), so I think I may be going to bed early.

First, I need to close some tabs in my browser, but I wanted to share the links with you! (You’re SO lucky!)

Elf Detection 101: How to find the hidden folk of Iceland.
Read the stories on the Nebula ballot!
It’s Read An eBook Week! So celebrate by downloading some of the free eBooks listed on their site 🙂

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