Wednesday So Far

Oh cool! One of my cousins, known online as Tha Wookie, has developed some Appalachian Backpacking Courses!

Interesting read, although nothing new to me: Confessions of a Libertarian Polygamist

Note to local dance studio: “Learn to hip hop here” causes me to think of Easter bunnies in training rather than any human endeavor.

And while I’m at it—note to the guy in the crosswalk yesterday:
It’s a six-lane road, not counting the various turn lanes. The fact that you stepped into the crosswalk JUST as the light was turning green on our side could be forgiven. Even the fact that you were taking the most languid stroll I have ever seen in such surroundings might be explained (perhaps by the pants falling off your ass?). But stopping in the middle of the highway to yell and gesticulate wildly (gestures which, I must note, whoever you were speaking to on your cell phone could not see), was a bit much. Therefore you should not have been so surprised when traffic finally started just zooming past you.

In other news—okay, whinging—I think I’ve done Something Bad to my left ankle. I twisted it a bit last week. It was swollen, so I switched from my (precisely fitted) sandals to other shoes. I hadn’t really thought about it, because the weather has been a bit cool for sandals, anyway. But today the ankle rewarded a slight flex with a nasty piercing pain that caused me to cry out.

Anything that gets through the mess of pain meds and anti-inflammatories in my system is fairly surprising, so I think I’d best go to the doc this afternoon.

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