I missed what?

It was National Grammar Day AND Gamemaster’s Day, and I didn’t realize either until the day was almost over!

It was date night, though, and my favorite GM and I did play, so at least there’s that. I’ll have to get him a make-up present, though.

Do you know all those different click-to-give sites? I very geekily gathered up all the ones that I know about and stuck the links on one page so I don’t have to try to remember them or install shortcuts or toolbars or what-have-you. It isn’t gorgeous, but it is convenient.

I finally got started on Season 1 of Shadow Unit, now that Season 2 has started. Good stuff!

And finally, just so I can close the tab that’s been open for a couple of days, a new wrinkle in that whole nature/nurture debate: Child Abuse Alters Stress-Fighting Gene.

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