What Was the Name of That Book?

I remember reading a book—no, a series—in the early 90s or so. The clearest memory I have is that there was some sort of drug that made anyone who took it “perfect”—healthy, beautiful, athletic, etc. It was also addictive after just one dose, and there was no way to get off it—to stop taking it meant death. The main character’s wife was dosed with it so that the suppliers could control the hero. I think the protagonist was white, and seem to recall that his wife was described as having an Afro. I think it may have been by Jack Chalker?

Does that trigger any memories for anyone?

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6 thoughts on “What Was the Name of That Book?

  1. Not to me, but if you want, there is a community on LJ, whatwasthatbook, that specializes in this stuff. Every book I’ve asked about has been found there.

  2. That isn’t it, though I appreciate the suggestion. I’ve only read two of his novels as far as I can remember, and one of those was Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The other might have been Valis, but I’m having trouble pining down the memory. I’m sure it wasn’t Scanner, though.

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