Happy November!

I figure it’s past time I check in again. Obviously, I’ve given up on the Blog365 thing. I did make it 9 months or so, at least.

Katie turned 18 at the end of October, so she voted in the election for the first time. I’m really tickled that her first time was so historic! We’ll all be voting in the Senate run-off too, of course. I really hope Jim Martin makes it.

I turned 42 this week. I never do understand people moaning about getting older, reaching a particular age. It’s certainly better than the alternative, right?

I haven’t been reading near as much lately, because my eyes don’t want to focus and I have trouble concentrating. I’m re-reading C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series, since it’s easier to follow something familiar.

I fell into watching NCIS somehow, probably because I got all caught up on all three CSIs. I’ve watched True Blood, but I don’t like it nearly as much as the original novels by Charlaine Harris. It’s much darker, and nobody is nearly as nice/sympathetic. I don’t even like Sookie much, Sam Merlotte is an ass, and Jason—goddess, why give that waste of flesh so much screen time? Why all the added emphasis on sex and substance use? As usual, the Southern accents are abominable.

I started watching season 3 of Dexter, but I’m just not enjoying it as much as the first season, for some reason.

So then I was lured into watching Criminal Minds, largely due to Elizabeth Bear’s regular episode reviews (posted to her LJ).

At this very moment, Sam and Katie and I are watching the first DVD of Carnivále. That is one weird, but beautiful, show. The preacher character looks a lot like our friend James Jowers.

Sam and I watched Iron Man Friday night, I think it was. It was fun but loud. Good thing I didn’t try to see it in the theater!

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4 thoughts on “Happy November!

  1. Always lovely to hear from you!

    And yes – what a wonderful way to start voting!

    I’m glad to read your review of True Blood. I got all excited when I heard it was based on Ms. Harris’ novels – now I’ll know to keep my expectations low. It’s a pity, really – it doesn’t seem like it would be hard to do it well.

  2. Wow, I can’t get my mind around the fact that Katie’s old enough to vote – that is so awesome, for her and for America! Shachaf is a year younger than she is, but of course, I see him grow daily.

    Happy birthday to you, belatedly.

    And did you see my new project? (link in the web address). I’m putting together a team within my company that will be dedicated to translating new media: blogs, twitter streams, youtube and other videos. It’s very exciting, and apparently quite rare: most people assume that all bloggers blog solely for fun, and are just surprised if their ventures make money.
    Condescension is a very bad business practice… …I hope to pick up the market that other translation agencies can’t even see.

  3. Dena, I have trouble believing she’s “grown up” too 🙂

    I didn’t know about your new venture, but I visited and it looks fascinating!

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