PC Kvetching

I adore my lap­top. I hate every­thing there is about mov­ing to a new PC. 

BUT—I’m sit­ting here in my reclin­er, all com­fy, work­ing away with a wire­less con­nec­tion to the network!

I’m hav­ing trou­ble adjust­ing to the keyboard—my typ­ing def­i­nite­ly isn’t ter­ri­bly accu­rate at the moment. I’ve thought about using anoth­er key­board and mouse, but they’d use up a lot of real estate. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t tote them to school with me, so I’d best get used to using the built-in key­board and touchpad.

I’m unim­pressed with XP. Now, if I were set­ting up a PC for a non-tech­ni­cal per­son, and want­ed to pro­tect them from them­selves, some of the fea­tures would be help­ful. For me, though, I want an instal­la­tion option that says, “I know this shit, don’t set it up that way.”

I need to find the Office instal­la­tion CDs so that I can get mov­ing on my home­work and a bunch of oth­er stuff. I need to rein­stall Quick­Books and Home­Site and Acro­bat and a godaw­ful bunch of oth­er soft­ware. While look­ing for them, I did go through and clean out the soft­ware draw­ers. I tossed a BUNCH of old CDs, and have some more that I’ll ask Sam about when he returns. We don’t hon­est­ly need pro­grams that came with the first sound card I ever bought (1994ish?), or a bluzil­lion copies of Win9x or Office 97. I don’t know why I have a hard time get­ting rid of such things, but I fig­ure I should do it while I’m in the mood!

I’m think­ing about putting togeth­er a file or some­thing sim­i­lar for each machine we own, with its OS and dri­ver disks. If we get rid of the PC, we can send all that stuff with it eas­i­ly. It’ll all be in one place when it’s time for a rebuild, as well.

I haven’t even begun to approach the box­es of flop­pies. There’s one for re-use and anoth­er that is actu­al­ly orig­i­nal dri­ver discs and such. I can’t tru­ly imag­ine that we NEED any­thing so old that its dri­ver came on a flop­py, though.

We upgrad­ed the RAM and hard dri­ve when we bought the lap­top, so it’s actu­al­ly equal or bet­ter to my desk­top PC in those respects The sound and video are quite nice as well.

I did man­age to get all my files off the old PC, which will now be rebuilt and become Sam’s pri­ma­ry PC. His pri­or one has been prob­lem­at­ic, as it just isn’t upgrade­able at all. It’ll be rebuilt with SUSE Lin­ux, most like­ly. It will prob­a­bly become the guest room PC, as the for­mer guest room PC is in the kitchen now.

We were going to use the Pow­er Mac we were giv­en recent­ly in the kitchen, then we decid­ed to put it in the guest room. The mon­i­tor is HUGE, though, and nobody wants to car­ry it upstairs. I real­ized yes­ter­day that an old friend, Bryan, may need it. I think he’s been using the same Mac for many, many years. He’s an artist and uses Pho­to­Shop a LOT, so I’m going to see if this Mac would be an upgrade for him. Now I just have to get hold of him. I’m not sure I have cur­rent con­tact infor­ma­tion for him. I do wish I’d thought of that before order­ing a NIC for it, though.

It took HOURS to go through the email back­log, even with being ruth­less about delet­ing most list mail unread. I find most home­school­ing lists to be mar­velous sources of infor­ma­tion, but most of them are also very high traf­fic. I don’t like read­ing lists as digests—I find that I just delete them immediately. 

Since I’ve unsub­scribed from many lists, there were less than a thou­sand unread mes­sages. Bare­ly. But that’s bet­ter than it would have been six months ago!

Sam­ba is being asi­nine. I think it heard me talk­ing about rebuild­ing the serv­er, and got all pis­sy. It just stops work­ing at times. First, it was just ran­dom­ly shut­ting down print ser­vices, now the whole thing goes away. There was a hard dri­ve space issue, but I delet­ed many gigs of files, so that should­n’t mat­ter now.

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