Sam’s Award and Random Stuff

sam­bear will be get­ting a Cal­liope for Gamemas­ter­ing Secrets!

This is so cool!
Renais­sance pot­ters were nanotechnologists

fae­bouche, shad­owkatt and sam­bear are watch­ing My Big Fat Greek Wed­ding. I can’t stop think­ing of one of my best friends from high school, Dorothea. Maybe I should call her.

I think the num­ber of librar­i­ans on my friends list is get­ting to me. I sud­den­ly thought, today, “So how does one go about becom­ing a librarian?”

There are just so many class­es I would love to take, and they have absolute­ly no place in my course of study. If I take at least 12 hours, addi­tion­al hours don’t cost any more. It is absolute­ly insane for some­one who just got per­mis­sion to have 6 hours con­sid­ered a full load to be mulling that over as much as I am.

Love is not enough. It must be the foun­da­tion, the cornerstone—but not the com­plete struc­ture. It is much too pli­able, too yielding.
–Bette Davis

Yes, I’m suf­fer­ing from ran­dom­ness. Or you’re suf­fer­ing from my ran­dom­ness. Or some­thing like that.

I have a tarot deck! Dorothea gave me one before, but I was liv­ing at home and Mom found it and got rid of it. It was a Rid­er-Waite deck and I did­n’t feel any real con­nec­tion to it, anyway—I did­n’t like the pic­tures. And I hon­est­ly did­n’t learn a thing about it. 

But sam­bear got me The God­dess Tarot when he real­ized that I did­n’t have a deck of my own, and that’s the one I liked. He’s so sweet 🙂

I also start­ed on The Artist’s Way yes­ter­day. I was sur­prised at what came up yes­ter­day, and today I found myself extreme­ly resis­tant to doing them. But I did it.

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