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Yay! Go us! We got the data copied over to the new dri­ve (most of it— copy­ing is still hap­pen­ing now, but it’s almost done). Sam­ba is work­ing very nice­ly. There are a few more things I want to tweak, but it’s working!

I do wish I had anoth­er par­al­lel port on the serv­er. Cards to add those used to be cheap, and now they most cer­tain­ly are not (and I can’t seem to find them in stock any­where, either—have to be ordered). We have two print­ers, and I’d real­ly pre­fer to run both of them off the server. 

I’m still work­ing on going through ancient hard dri­ves in order to see what’s on them and clear them off so that I can give them to some­one who needs them.

We had two Try­bal­a­ka prac­tices this week­end. They were both here, which was SO won­der­ful for me—no try­ing to get there on time! I know I would­n’t have made it at all yes­ter­day oth­er­wise because I was in too much pain to dri­ve and sam­bear is still very sick.

Last night’s prac­tice went very well—far bet­ter than the Sat­ur­day prac­tice. We even had an audi­ence for a short time, as greyknight, god­dessin­ga and obie dropped by!

Have I men­tioned how very much I love mak­ing music with these peo­ple? I mean—damn. When those har­monies are hap­pen­ing it’s just inde­scrib­able. I am hon­ored to be part of such a tal­ent­ed group.

I don’t know what’s going on with my stu­pid body. I’m hav­ing lots of mus­cle spasms, and my neck has just locked up very bad­ly, espe­cial­ly on the right side. Last night it was hurt­ing so bad­ly that my right ear was messed up, which made it hard to hear at times. And that was after much TLC from jupiter­corn­wall (it did help—thanks hon!) and tak­ing Ultram and mas­sive dos­es of ibuprofen.

The only down­side to hav­ing prac­tice here is that I did­n’t get Amy and Joe hugs 🙂

sam­bear IS going to the doc­tor today. Final­ly. Yes, he’s still sick. I think it’s bron­chi­tis. He can­celed the appoint­ment last week because he did­n’t feel good enough to go out, and he kept insist­ing that if he just got more rest he’d be all bet­ter. Obvi­ous­ly, that did­n’t work.

shad­owkatt is off on her trip to see her cousins. She spent a cou­ple of days with my par­ents before that. I’m already miss­ing her so bad­ly! She may not be back until Tues­day. (sigh)

sam­bear did take real_pochacco to his den­tal check-up this morn­ing. That went fair­ly well — no cavities.

How­ev­er, I woke to find lit­tle­fire­fae still in bed, 10 min­utes before she was sup­posed to get on the bus. I asked her why and she said “Because I was left here.” Huh? She makes it sound like there was an evac­u­a­tion and we for­got to put her on the truck! sam­bear had, in fact, tried to get her up. Repeatedly.

What­ev­er the rea­son, I got her up, dressed and med­icat­ed, got her to brush her teeth and hair, and had her out the door with break­fast in hand in time to take the bus. That had to be some sort of speed record for her — espe­cial­ly sig­nif­i­cant con­sid­er­ing the fact that she had absolute­ly ZERO inter­est in get­ting up at all, and I had to walk her through every sin­gle step.

All three toi­lets were replaced this week­end. The low water-use toi­lets real­ly aren’t as bad as I’d feared—I haven’t had to dou­ble-flush once yet. Per­haps they’ve been improved since the ear­li­er mod­els or something.

Speak­ing of water use, I need to check on the laundry.

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