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Yay! Go us! We got the data copied over to the new drive (most of it— copying is still happening now, but it’s almost done). Samba is working very nicely. There are a few more things I want to tweak, but it’s working!

I do wish I had another parallel port on the server. Cards to add those used to be cheap, and now they most certainly are not (and I can’t seem to find them in stock anywhere, either—have to be ordered). We have two printers, and I’d really prefer to run both of them off the server.

I’m still working on going through ancient hard drives in order to see what’s on them and clear them off so that I can give them to someone who needs them.

We had two Trybalaka practices this weekend. They were both here, which was SO wonderful for me—no trying to get there on time! I know I wouldn’t have made it at all yesterday otherwise because I was in too much pain to drive and sambear is still very sick.

Last night’s practice went very well—far better than the Saturday practice. We even had an audience for a short time, as greyknight, goddessinga and obie dropped by!

Have I mentioned how very much I love making music with these people? I mean—damn. When those harmonies are happening it’s just indescribable. I am honored to be part of such a talented group.

I don’t know what’s going on with my stupid body. I’m having lots of muscle spasms, and my neck has just locked up very badly, especially on the right side. Last night it was hurting so badly that my right ear was messed up, which made it hard to hear at times. And that was after much TLC from jupitercornwall (it did help—thanks hon!) and taking Ultram and massive doses of ibuprofen.

The only downside to having practice here is that I didn’t get Amy and Joe hugs 🙂

sambear IS going to the doctor today. Finally. Yes, he’s still sick. I think it’s bronchitis. He canceled the appointment last week because he didn’t feel good enough to go out, and he kept insisting that if he just got more rest he’d be all better. Obviously, that didn’t work.

shadowkatt is off on her trip to see her cousins. She spent a couple of days with my parents before that. I’m already missing her so badly! She may not be back until Tuesday. (sigh)

sambear did take real_pochacco to his dental check-up this morning. That went fairly well – no cavities.

However, I woke to find littlefirefae still in bed, 10 minutes before she was supposed to get on the bus. I asked her why and she said “Because I was left here.” Huh? She makes it sound like there was an evacuation and we forgot to put her on the truck! sambear had, in fact, tried to get her up. Repeatedly.

Whatever the reason, I got her up, dressed and medicated, got her to brush her teeth and hair, and had her out the door with breakfast in hand in time to take the bus. That had to be some sort of speed record for her – especially significant considering the fact that she had absolutely ZERO interest in getting up at all, and I had to walk her through every single step.

All three toilets were replaced this weekend. The low water-use toilets really aren’t as bad as I’d feared—I haven’t had to double-flush once yet. Perhaps they’ve been improved since the earlier models or something.

Speaking of water use, I need to check on the laundry.

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