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Exam­ple of the lev­el of utter clue­less­ness in my web project team members:

Cyn: Okay, that place­hold­er is where we’ll put one of the pho­tos the prof wants.
Chris­sy: Of what?
Cyn: Well, she said she wants pic­tures of “the pro­gram.” I’m assum­ing that means stu­dents in the com­put­er-based class­rooms. The school is obvi­ous­ly proud of those.
Win­nie: I like pho­tos of nature.
Cyn: So do I, but that has noth­ing to do with the site.
Win­nie: But I think pho­tos of nature would look better.
Cyn: And you can put all the nature pho­tos you like on a per­son­al site, or a site about nature, but they aren’t rel­e­vant here.
Chris­sy: Can we vote?

That was just one of the more eas­i­ly-relat­ed instances. I want­ed to say some­thing like, “Well, I like pic­tures of butchered spam­mers, but I doubt the client would appre­ci­ate them.”

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