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Fri, 15:12: OUTRAGE: House votes to bar Planned Par­ent­hood from fed­er­al fund­ing. Speak out. #Stand­With­PP Fri, 23:34: I liked a YouTube video — Reen­act­ment (with cats): Princess Bride Fri, 23:35: I liked a YouTube video — Mys­teryEngi­neer­Man: Grumpy Pizzi­CA­To Fri, 23:39: I liked a YouTube video — Re: Cat Talk­ing, Trans­la­tion […]

Why I’m Thankful for Caller ID

Leaf I’m not avoid­ing my moth­er, but I get tense when I see her on my caller ID late­ly. We tend to stay in touch by email more than by phone, and if she calls it usu­al­ly means that there’s some­thing that can’t wait on email. We’ve lost five mem­bers of our extend­ed fam­i­ly since […]

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