I Shoulda Said So BEFORE the Move

But I’m feel­ing all out­ta sorts and intro­vert­ed. No, I did­n’t make it to the funer­al. I just could­n’t make my body coop­er­ate. The damned stu­pid dis­ease does­n’t respond to stress well, even when I need to be strong for oth­er peo­ple. We’re mov­ing some of our domains to dif­fer­ent servers, so our web­sites and […]


One of my cousins killed him­self today. We weren’t close, by any means. R was old­er than me—only 7 years, as it turns out, but it always seemed much more. I did­n’t even know that he’d been hos­pi­tal­ized last year—few peo­ple did, because that was embar­rass­ing. R told his broth­er that the voic­es were telling him to […]


I’m not doing that meme. For one thing, it makes no sense to me. I can’t even fig­ure out whose stan­dards it is using. The big­ger rea­son, though, is that I refuse to buy into the notion that it’s bad or shame­ful to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. Con­spic­u­ous con­sump­tion is a prob­lem because it’s done […]

So That’s What You Call It

I just called it giv­ing some­one “the ben­e­fit of the doubt.” As in, if you don’t KNOW that they meant to be late, assume it was acci­den­tal, unless they are late so fre­quent­ly that it’s a well-estab­lished pat­tern. In any case, Mix­ing Mem­o­ry calls it “moti­vat­ed cog­ni­tion” in this fine post: Mix­ing Mem­o­ry: Moti­vat­ed Cog­ni­tion in […]

The NSA is Wiretapping YOU and ME, Personally

This guy’s state­ment is just too good to hide. Every per­son in the US needs to pay atten­tion to this issue. Don’t just let it wan­der off the head­lines. It is very impor­tant. Not an AT&T cus­tomer? It does­n’t mat­ter. Inter­net traf­fic is rout­ed across switch­es and such in a man­ner that does­n’t care who […]

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